Governance & Executive Committee:

Will Harris, White Oak Pastures
Don Davis, Grassfed Livestock Alliance
Kathy Webster, LeftCoast Grassfed Beef and TomKat Ranch

Business & Finance:

Chad Lemke, McCollum-Lemke Ranches
Carrie Balkcom, AGA Executive Director
Trent Hendricks – Cabriejo, LLC


Board Committee

The AGA Grassfed Standards Committee:

Don Davis, Grassfed Livestock Alliance
Carrie Balkcom, Executive Director AGA
Marguerita Cattell DVM, MS, Diplomate, ABVP –  Dairy
Arden Nelson DVM, Diplomate, ABVP – Dairy
Jeffrey Lehmkuhler – Department of Animal & Food Sciences University of Kentucky
Patricia Whisnant DVM, Rain Crow Ranch
Curtiss Newell,  WhiteWave Foods
Trent Hendricks,  Cabriejo, LLC
Don Davis, Dr. Patricia Whisnant, Dr. Meg Cattell, Dr. Jeffrey Lehmkuhler
Marketing Committee:
Trent Hendricks,  Cabriejo, LLC