Governance & Executive Committee:

Will Harris, White Oak Pastures
Don Davis, Grassfed Livestock Alliance
Kathy Webster, LeftCoast Grassfed Beef and TomKat Ranch

Business & Finance:

Chad Lemke, McCollum-Lemke Ranches
Carrie Balkcom, AGA Executive Director
Trent Hendricks – Cabriejo, LLC


Board Committee

AGA Grassfed Standards and Certification Committee:

Don Davis, Grassfed Livestock Alliance
Carrie Balkcom, Executive Director AGA
Chad Lemke, Grassfed Livestock Alliance
Curtiss Newell,  WhiteWave Foods
Trent Hendricks,  Cabriejo, LLC

Marketing Committee:

Trent Hendricks,  Cabriejo, LLC

AGA Advocacy and Policy Committee:

Greg Gunthorp, Gunthorp Farms
Carrie Balkcom, American Grassfed Association
Sherri Dugger, American Grassfed Association