(DENVER) American Grassfed Association is developing an industry standard for certifying grassfed dairy production. A group of stakeholders and experts, including CROPP/ Organic Valley, Maple Hill Creamery, Traders Point Farm Organics, Trickling Springs Creamery, Pennsylvania Certified Organic, NOFA-New York Certified Organic, Dr. Meg Cattell, and Dr. Arden Nelson, is collaborating with AGA to create a science-based standard that will provide an economically feasible blueprint for producers and a guarantee that consumers’ expectations are met when they purchase grassfed dairy products.

The combined working group has reached consensus on a provisional production standard that will form the basis for the grassfed dairy market claim. This provisional standard has been distributed to various producer groups for feedback and is now available for public comment. The document is available here: AGA Grassfed Dairy Standards.

If you wish to comment on the standard, please email BEFORE June 30.

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