Contact: Carrie Balkcom
March 8, 2018

American Grassfed Association announces partnership with International Organic Inspectors Association

Denver, February 23, 2018— American Grassfed Association and International Association of Organic Inspectors are pleased to announce a partnership to train inspectors for the newly released AGA dairy standards.

With this partnership, IOIA is developing web based training modules for all inspectors wishing to do on farm dairy inspections for the AGA, Don Davis, AGA Standards chair announced today.  IOIA has a strong priority to work on self-directed learning modules. This work is consistent with IOIA’s mission to make available training and work opportunities for organic inspectors.

The audience for the training would be working organic inspectors. Applicants would be NOP organic certified first, and the grassfed dairy certification would be an addendum. Efficiency and cost affordability for certifiers and producers would result from combining the two inspections. Later on, the training might be used for auditors for operations that are not organic, and for auditors that are not organic inspectors. But to start, the focus is organic operation addendum inspection performed by organic dairy inspectors who have this training.


About American Grassfed Association

AGA has offered the first and only producer-driven, third-party-on farm inspected grassfed meat and dairy certification program in the U.S. since 2009. AGA standards require that ruminant animals are fed a one-hundred-percent forage diet from weaning to slaughter, live their lives on pasture with no feedlot confinement, are not administered antibiotics or hormones and are born and raised on U.S. family farms. All certified producers undergo a thorough inspection by an independent third-party inspection at least every 15 months.

AGA also has standards for pastured pork. All standards are available on the AGA

About International Organic Inspectors Association

IOIA is a global membership-based association of organic inspectors.  IOIA’s mission is to address issues and concerns of organic inspectors, provide quality inspector training, and promote consistency and integrity in the organic certification process.  IOIA delivers trainings around the globe in-person and through the web.




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