(Denver) American Grassfed Association is pleased to announce the recent endorsements of two important consumer organizations. The Organic Consumers Association has endorsed AGA’s new dairy standards, while Mercola.com has praised the standards developed by AGA for both grassfed meat and dairy.

“Consumers can now rely on the fact that products certified to the AGA’s new standards, the result of a year’s worth of collaboration among dairy producers, retailers, scientists and certifiers, are of the highest quality and integrity,” said Ronnie Cummins, International Director of OCA.

The Organic Consumers Organization is an online, grassroots non-profit public interest organization advocating on behalf of more than two million consumers for health, justice, and sustainability.

In a recent article on his website, Dr. Joseph Mercola offered his enthusiastic endorsement of AGA’s meat and dairy standards.

“So, to ensure you’re actually getting high-quality grassfed beef, be sure to look for the AGA grassfed label on your beef as well as your dairy. No other grassfed certification offers the same comprehensive assurances as the AGA’s grassfed label, and no other grassfed program ensures compliance using third-party audits,” he said.

Dr. Mercola is a board-certified family physician and fellow of the American College of Nutrition. He has published three New York Times best sellers on health and nutrition, and is in demand as an expert for media outlets across the country, including the Today Show, ABC News, and dozens of others. His website, Mercola.com, is one of the top ten health and wellness sites on the web.

“We thank OCA, Mercola and the other organizations that have recognized AGA’s standards,” said Don Davis, AGA vice-president and chair of the standards and certification committee. “The standards guide the hard work of the many AGA certified producers who toil daily to bring integrity to the brand and assure consumers that products carrying the AGA logo meet their expectations.”



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