september, 2017

27sepallday29allday2017 New York Grassfed Exchange: Regenerate our Future

Event Details

The Grassfed Exchange Conference is a gathering of regenerative ranchers, dairymen, and sustainable food supporters from across the world who come together to network and exchange ideas. We desire to help producers and consumers grow in the knowledge of the grassfed industry.

Who Should Attend

Regenerative Producers

Our mission is to help producers understand the possibility of managing and finishing cattle correctly on grass and to produce the best quality beef and dairy products possible that also ensures consistency of quality within the industry.

  • Learn how to produce the highest quality beef and dairy products using 100% grass-based production models.
  • Learn how to employ regenerative production practices that can rapidly improve your soil’s health and organic matter.
  • Learn from experienced producers on how to implement stacked enterprises and direct marketing models to create value-added profit centers on your farm.
  • Hear directly from authors, food bloggers, and top chefs that represent an entire movement of consumers that value regenerative food production practices.
Sustainable Food Supporters

We desire to educate consumers on the health benefits of grassfed beef, not only as it pertains to our own health, but also on the positive impact grassfed beef production has on the health of our planet.

  • Take part in workshops lead by industry experts like Diana Rodgers. Learn how human health is rooted in soil, plant, and animal health.
  • Tour local farms and see first-hand how they produce nourishing, pasture-based foods.
  • Take advantage of the unique opportunity to network with other families who want access to healthy foods.
  • Enjoy live cooking demonstrations and a banquet dinner prepared by the award-winning chef, Jeremy Stanton.



september 27 (Wednesday) - 29 (Friday)


The Desmond Hotel & Conference Center

660 Albany Shaker Road, Albany, NY 12211


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