may, 2019


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AT The Ranching For Profit School
you will learn to…

Increase your Profit!

  • Find simple strategies to reduce your workload and increase profit.
  • Identify and take full advantage of your ranch’s “profit drivers.”
  • Create a plan to improve the financial health of your ranch.

Improve your Management

  • Get everyone on the same page regarding the purpose and direction of the business.
  • Create systems to hold people accountable for results and improve relationships.
  • Discover tools that will lead to better decisions and give you more confidence in your decisions.

Improve the health and productivity of your land and livestock

  • Improve the productivity of pastures without seeding, spraying or other counter-productive practices.
  • Increase carrying capacity while reducing your workload and cutting operating costs.
  • Drought proof your ranch.

Position your ranch to thrive for generations to come

  • Reduce stress and increase the joy you and your team derive from ranching.
  • Create a business that can support multiple families and that people want to be a part of.
  • Draft your management succession plan.


To secure your spot for the Ranching For Profit School, you must first complete the registration form and
pay your deposit of $300 (USD) per person.


$2,750 tuition for the first person from a business and $2,000 for each additional person attending from that same business.
*A non-refundable $300 deposit per person is required for all registrations. A payment plan is available.

The fee for repeating the school is $500 which is paid at registration.

Please provide the following contact information for each person attending from your business.
If the school date is within 10 days of your online registration, BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR ONLINE FORM,
please call (707) 429-2292 to ensure space is available.


may 5 (Sunday) - 11 (Saturday)


Wichitaw, KS

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