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01janalldayalldaySoutheastern Hay Contest presented by Massey Ferguson

Event Details

This contest is run by Forage Extension Specialists from major universities across the Southeast. Dr. Dennis Hancock is the chairman of this effort. The Contest is run in conjunction with the Sunbelt Ag Expo and our winners are announced each year on the first day of the Expo at a special ceremony.

You can review last year’s rules and results as an example for what is expected in 2017 by visiting here. Rules, entry forms, and prizes will be announced in the coming days. The Contest underwent a major expansion in 2015 and it was a huge success in the years since. Major cash and equipment prizes are provided to top quality entrants. Demographic details: We have 300-375 entries among ~200 individual farms/persons. Participants include approx. 35% commercial hay producers, 60% beef cattle producers, and 5% dairy producers.

As you can intuit, Massey Ferguson is the title sponsor for the 2017 Southeastern Hay Contest presented by Massey Ferguson. We are seeking sponsors for each of the following 6 categories that will be part of the 2017 Southeastern Hay Contest presented by Massey Ferguson:

  1. Warm Season Perennial Grass Hay (e.g., bermudagrass, bahiagrass, etc.);
  2. Alfalfa/Perennial Peanut Hay
  3. Cool Season Perennial Grass Hay (e.g., tall fescue, orchardgrass, etc.)
  4. Mixed, Annual Grass, or Other Hay (e.g., clover/fescue, clover/ryegrass, millet, ryegrass, etc),
  5. Grass Baleage (high moisture grass forage ensiled in wrapped bales),
  6. Legume Baleage (high moisture legume or grass/legume ensiled in wrapped bales).

Sponsorship of an individual category will be awarded to the company who would like to be associated with that category. The sponsorship required for each category is $500. Sponsorship of individual categories will be provided on a first come, first serve basis. So, when notifying us of your choice of category, please indicate your 1st and 2nd preference. In order to begin the media/advertising campaign, all sponsorship commitments must be in to me by Mar. 21st.  For simplicity purposes, we cannot offer dual sponsorship of an individual category (i.e., only one company/entity sponsoring each category and no splitting of the bill). As Title Sponsor, AGCO and Massey Ferguson have the right of sole equipment sponsor, unless they deem the equipment company is not a competitor. Any and all forage or livestock-related sponsors are encouraged to apply! If you are interested in being a sponsor, contact Dr. Dennis Hancock by email or by phone (706-310-3545) for more details.


All Day (Thursday)

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