The American Grassfed Association is the leading supporter and certifier of grassfed products raised in the United States. The Association’s Board of Directors is very disappointed that PRE Brands continues to denigrate American grassfed beef producers in a veiled attempt to justify the corporation’s practices of purchasing only products raised and harvested in New Zealand and Australia. Through its marketing content, PRE Brands attempts to justify the decision to use imported grassfed beef—a decision that maximizes the company’s profits and is not, as the website claims, based on the quality of the product.

Animals certified by American Grassfed Association are fed only grass and forage from weaning until harvest. The American producers who raise these animals do not use hormones or antibiotics in the products they produce, and they raise animals in the same ethical, natural environments that PRE Brands supports in foreign countries like New Zealand and Australia. PRE Brands overlooks American producers to purchase beef raised in the very same conditions from other countries.

U.S. consumers care where and how their food is raised and they want to support American communities and farmers by purchasing food that is produced and harvested on U.S. soil. PRE Brands should support American suppliers. By purchasing from U.S. producers, PRE Brands would be helping to bolster local U.S. economies and communities, and the company also would be taking responsible strides toward combatting climate change, by greatly reducing food miles and transportation emissions in its purchase practices.

On behalf of our certified American Grassfed Association producers, AGA calls upon PRE Brands to change its buying habits so that it fully supports American producers, consumers and communities.