Alabama State Members

Miller Farms

Gene Miller

305 Haynes Mountain Road

Delta, AL 36258


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Miller Farms is located in the community of Delta, AL along the Ketchepedrakee Creek. Delta is located 24 miles south of Oxford, AL and 14 miles from Mt. Cheaha State Park, Alabama’s highest point. Our family has been farming this area since the early 1870’s. We feel that we produce some of the best beef you will ever eat. We greatly appreciate your interest in our meats. Feel free to call or email us for any questions that you may have. Our cattle are grown on our family farm in Delta, Alabama. • Raised using humane, sustainable farming practices • Free ranged on lush pastures during warmer months, and fed hay or pasture silage in colder months • All natural—no hormones, steroids or antibiotics • Never fed any corn, grain or animal byproducts • Never irradiated We offer our beef in quarter sections: Orders of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or a whole cow can be purchased and the final price is determined by total weight of meat.

Arkansas State Members

Mustang Creek Farms dba Twice As Happy Pasture Raised

Frick Family

785 Little River 70

Ogden , AR 75417

903 249 2411

Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Specializing in selling to families in the AR and TX area, we sell from quarters to whole beef. We care about our animals and try to provide the best environment for them. That includes a wide range of grasses, herbs and clovers,a choice of different minerals and salt and humane handling.

Arizona State Members

AZ Grass Raised

Tim Petersen

POB 519

Camp Verde, AZ 86322


Grassfed Products: Beef

Gryphon Ranch

Carol Ptak

PO Box 1432

Globe, AZ 85502

253 279 3291

Grassfed Products: Beef

California State Members

Markegard Family Grass-Fed

Doniga and Erik Markegard

20080 Cabrillo hwy S

San Gregorio, CA 94019

650 747 0205

Grassfed Products: Lamb, Beef

Potter 8 Ranch

Arnold & Chris Potter

PO Box 508

Loyalton, CA 96118



Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Located in Sierra Valley, California; we sell Belted Galloway/Angus cross, live animals. We can arrange for processing at USDA Wolf Pack Meats in Reno, Nevada.

Leftcoast Grassfed

Kathy Webster

2997 Pescadero Creek Road

Pescadero, CA 94060


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved, Food Alliance Certified

Farm Info: We raise certified Food Alliance, American Grassfed, and Animal Welfare Approved cattle for quality grass-fed beef in the San Francisco Bay area. At Leftcoast Grassfed™, we feel allowing our cattle to free forage on the natural grasses is best.

Scott River Ranch

Gareth & Melinda Plank

1138 East Callahan Road

Etna, CA 96027


Grassfed Products: Lamb, Beef

Additional Certifications: USDA Organic, Animal Welfare Approved, Salmon Safe Certified

Farm Info: We are a family owned and operated Organic, Grass-Fed cattle and hay ranch in the Scott Valley of Northern California.

Richards Ranch Meats - DBA Richards Grassfed Beef

Thomas Richards

1480 Moraga Road, Suite I, #372

Moraga, CA 94556


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Richards Grassfed Beef is part of the “Ranch to Table” movement by discerning people who want to be more connected, to know where their food is raised or grown and to support local food providers. Part of Richards Land & Cattle Company, Richards Grassfed Beef is a family owned company that has been raising cattle for over 60 years. Richards Grassfed Beef provides high quality beef to wholesale and direct to retail customers. For our retail customers, we coordinate the transport, processing, cut & wrap and final pick up or delivery direct to your home. Our beef is processed in USDA inspected facilities in California and meticulously prepared by small-scale artisan butchers.

Allied Ranch, LLC

Kristin Mehrten

14034 Meiss Rd.

Sloughhouse, CA 95683


Peterson Land & Cattle

Kathleen Spencer

POB 325

Tres Pinos, CA 95075


Colorado State Members

Princess Beef

Cynthia and Ira Houseweart

32282 J Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare

Farm Info: .Our family goal is to sustainably and holistically produce the best and healthiest beef and to conscientiously strive to improve the well being and integrity of our animals and that of the environment where they are raised. We are a 5th generation ranch selling grassfed beef since 1999.

KDL Ranch

Kevin Bredeson

36141 Comanche creek rd.

Kiowa, CO 80117

720-292-0152 or 303-870-8953


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Located one hour outside of Denver in Kiowa, Colorado, our farm raises and privately sells grass fed/grass finished beef. Our cattle is Angus and Angus cross with a finished carcass weight of approximately 600 pounds. We offer competitive pricing and quality meat.

Flying B Bar Ranch

Brad Buchanan

7300 Yulle Road

Strasburg, CO 80136


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Ranch Info: Flying B Bar Ranch is a family run ranch that produces 100% Angus and Wagyu/Angus Grassfed beef with no hormones, steroids or antibiotics focused on holistic, low stress, ethical humane ranching practices. We know you care about the foods you provide for your family, and we share that concern. That’s why we are so passionate about what we do, and why we want to share it with other folks who have the same priority for healthy, local, sustainable, family farm provided Grassfed beef. Give us a try, you won’t regret it! Check out the health benefits of our Grassfed beef. We sell eighths, quarters, halves and wholes that are ready for you mid winter, we usually have beef ready in November or December. We provide custom cutting for halves and wholes, and provide our “standard cut” for eighths and quarters. Our standard cut is from years of experience and we’ve never had anything but compliments about our beef cuts and packaging. We provide pick up at our ranch in Strasburg, just 40 minutes East of Denver. We’re taking orders now!! We’re priced fairly, right in the middle of the pack. You won’t find grassfed beef raised with the attention to animal treatment anywhere for prices close to ours. We are a certified American Grassfed Association Producer, this is the only way you can know you are getting true certified grassfed beef, processing only the finest animals, and meeting the standards of the AGA. Thank you, Brad and Margaret Buchanan

Canyon of the Ancients Guest Ranch

Garry and Ming Adams

7950 Road G

Cortez, CO 81321


Grassfed Products: Lamb, Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: Our ranch is located in McElmo Canyon, west of Cortez, Colorado, where we practice sustainable farming/ranching technique. We raise our livestock with respect and great care. They graze on our pasture all year long; we do not put any chemicals or herbicides on our land. They surely are happy cows and sheep. Our beef is also certified by Animal Welfare Approved. Our place is great for experiencing the beauty of SW Colorado, enjoying the simplicity of ranch life and exploring the magic of ancient ruins and rock arts. Check out our website:

Sun Prairie Beef

Tom Parks

5056 Old Post Road

Yuma, CO 80759


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Colorado Front Range delivery and UPS.

B BAR S RANCH Grassfed Beef

Anne Stilson-Cope

2106 County Road 106

Elizabeth, CO 80107

(303) 648-3758

Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Grassfed Products: Beef Farm Info: B Bar S Ranch is a family owned ranch that produces 100% Grassfed Beef without hormones, steroids or antibiotics. We have been selling beef to customers the same way for over 30 years. We have always focused on holistic, low stress and humane ranching along with rotational grazing practices. Typically we harvest in September and work with a local Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) processing facility. This guarantees that our slaughter process is in keeping with our philosophy of appreciation and respect for our animals and humane treatment from birth through slaughter. We sell custom processed quarters, halves and wholes that are ready for you starting in September. We are a certified American Grassfed Association producer and committed to the way you want to live, eat and support local growers. We look forward to serving you!

Boulder Lamb

Clint Buckner

10075 N 75th Street

Longmont, CO 80503


Grassfed Products: Lamb, Beef

Mountain Primal Meat Co.

John Maas Sr.

2542 Emma Rd.

Basalt, CO 85621


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Located in Emma, Colorado; we specialize in raising Highland Cattle. We are a family owned ranch that produces 100% Grassfed Beef without hormones, steroids or antibiotics. We are Level 4 GAP certified, and committed to the humane treatment of our animals.

Crystal River Meats

Tai Jacober

PO Box 1073

Carbondale, CO 81623


Grassfed Products: Beef

Rafter W Ranch

Lance & Lisa Wheeler

27178 State Hwy 86

Simla, CO 80835

303-243-0245 /719-541-1002

Grassfed Products: Lamb, Beef

Farm Info: Rafter W Ranch, LLC. Colorado Pastured Food: Healthy Land, Healthy Food, Healthy Families. We are a small family Ranch located in Simla, Colorado and serving Eastern Colorado. We currently raise pastured Angus beef steers with only what nature provides during spring, summer, and fall, and grass hay out on pasture during winter. No antibiotics, no hormones, no grain. Our goal is to rebuild the soil by Mob-grazing methods to sequester carbon back into the earth. We use low-stress handling techniques to ensure tender meat. To produce sweet meat, we move our animals during the growing season 1 to 2 times per day to fresh new grass. We also offer pastured eggs, when available, from the chickens we run behind the cattle. We offer WHOLE meat chickens raised on pasture along with organic non-GMO grain ( corn and soy free) and humanely processed on the ranch each summer and fall. We offer grass-fed/finished lamb in the spring. We have various pick-up locations along the front range or at the ranch. We are members of the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) and certified producers for the American Grassfed Association (AGA).

Faucette Land & Cattle

Jeremy Faucette

PO Box 95

Sanford, CO 81151


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: We are located in the mountains of southern Colorado. Our cattle are raised on our ranch pastures and organic farm fields from late fall to late spring, then they pasture in the Rocky Mountains all summer into the fall. We raise all of our own cattle and strive to provide a free range environment for our livestock. We annually have up to 800 certified grass fed calves to sell. All of our cattle are a Black Angus cross.

A Diamond Brand, Ltd

Kendall & Lori Curtis

8387 Cuerna Verde Rd

Rye, CO 81069


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: USDA

Farm Info: A Diamond Brand is a family owned and operated Certified Grassfed beef producer located in the wet mountains of Southern Colorado. The ranch has beautiful blue spruce, pine and aspen trees. Our cattle breathe the fresh mountain air and freely graze the lush green, native grass which grows abundantly due to the cooler summers and mild winters. With the area averaging over 300 sunny days per year, the cattle are happy all year long. Natural spring and creek fed ponds supply fresh water year-round to ensure healthy, well hydrated cattle. A Diamond Brand Premium Quality Certified Grassfed beef is grown in the high country of Colorado. A Diamond Brand beef is certified by the American Grassfed Association which means we meet these strict standards: - Raised on a diet of 100% forage; never any grain or corn - Raised on grass pasture and never confined to a feedlot - Never treated with antibiotics, hormones, or steroids - Not genetically modified (Non GMO) - No additives, artificial flavors or coloring - Born and raised on an American family ranch All of our Certified Grassfed beef comes from the best Angus cattle; rich in flavor, low in fat with many health benefits. Experience the goodness of humanely raised, certified and USDA inspected grassfed beef while supporting a Colorado grown business

Blue Ridge Farm LLC

Eve Darrow

11500 County Road 110

Kiowa, CO 80117


Grassfed Products: Beef

Rancher's Choice Meats

Antonio Spinoza

PO Box 1299

Plattville, CO 80651


Grassfed Products: Beef

Connecticut State Members

JW Beef

Josh Welch

357 Al Harvey Rd

Stonington, CT 06378


Grassfed Products: Beef

Florida State Members

Pasture Prime Family Farm

Torm Siverson

4141 SE 180th St

Summerfield, FL 34491


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: We produce 100% grass fed purebred Wagyu cattle as well as Mangalitsa and Berkshire pigs and free range heritage turkeys and chickens. Our mission is to raise the highest quality animals raised in the most natural way possible.

Sampson Family Farm

Janet Sampson

17790 96th St

Live Oak, FL 32060


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved - Beef Quality Assurance Program

Farm Info: Sampson Family Farm is just that....a family owned and operated farm. My husband Jeff and I are proud of the quality and standards we hold ourselves to in all aspects of farming and ranching. As cattle ranchers for over 30 years we have taken the best of knowledge acquired and use it to produce naturally grown, healthy livestock. Our farming practices guarantee that the cattle have plenty of room to roam, enjoying fresh air and clean water. We raise Black Angus cattle that are bred to produce a tender, tasteful meat. The beef cattle we offer to our clients are born and raised on our farm, tracked from birth to harvest to assure the freshest, cleanest product for your family. We do not use any harmful products such as steroids, hormones. With proper preventive care to our animals we can keep them naturally healthy. We offer whole, half and quarter steers through out the year.

Edgewood Operations, LLC

Susan Simmons

POB 369

Monticello, FL 32345


Gillman Farm

Greg Gillman

2187 N. HWY 81

Westville, FL 32464


Northwest Florida Grassfed Cattle Company

Catherine Shores

1914 DeWitt St.

Panama City, FL 32401

Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm

Rosy King

8250 Nalle Grade Rd

North Fort Myers, FL 33917

239 567 6000

Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Our AGA certified 100% grass-fed Longhorn cows, pastured Red Wattle pigs, and pastured Dominique, Australorp and Silver Laced Wyandotte chickens are heritage breeds. All are slow-growing and celebrated for the flavor of their meat and eggs. We raise them organically, holistically, sustainably, humanely, and as close to nature as possible.

Georgia State Members

White Oak Pastures

Will Harris

22775, 22775 Highway 27

Bluffton, GA 39824


Farm Info: White Oak Pastures, in Bluffton, Georgia, is a multi-generational farm that pasture-raises and hand-butchers 10 species of animals: grassfed beef, lamb and goat and pastured chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas, hogs and rabbits. The Harris family has been raising livestock on the same property for 150 years, and built an on-farm, zero-waste red meat processing abattoir in 2007. The poultry abattoir was completely in 2010. This helped build a strong closed loop production system: raising livestock, slaughtering, butchering and packaging on the farm. Today, we market our meats and poultry through grocery stores like Whole Foods and Publix, as well as to distributors like Sysco and US Foods. We also serve customers on a direct basis through our chef program and retail customers through our online store.

Wagon Wheel Ranch

Fred Liebl

2820 Antioch Church Road

Watkinsville, GA 30677


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: Our 200 acre family farm operates 14 miles south of Athens. We raise antibiotic- and hormone-free, grass fed & finished, Black Angus cross beef. We cross Santa Gertrudis cows with a Hereford bull; their daughters ( healthy, gentle, good mothers) are bred to a Black Angus bull . Their calves are sold to you! Our Black Angus bull was DNA tested for tenderness, ribeye size and 10 other genetic traits. The live wt. cost is $2.00/lb. delivered for processing & aging at your cost to your specs., vacuum packed and frozen. We also have vacuum packed frozen individual state inspected retail cuts. The meat fits in a 14 cuft. chest freezer. A live wt. beef average yield is 50% edible product, consisting of 31% steaks, 31% roasts, 36% ground beef and 2% misc. Live wts. average 800-1000 lbs. and friends can divide a whole carcass . To insure product quality, only calves born, raised and finished on our farm are sold.

Koinonia Farm

Kat Mournighan

1324 GA Hwy 49 S

Americus, GA 31719


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Koinonia Farm is a 70-year old Christian Community near Americus, GA. Situated on 570 acres of God’s land in Sumter County, we raise 100% grassfed beef and pastured pork, sold locally by the cut, and pastured eggs, sold locally by the dozen. We are committed to sustainable agricultural practices, based on the belief that we are but stewards of God’s creation. No antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, de-wormers, or synthetic fertilizers are used in raising our animals. We use rotational grazing to ensure optimum health for our animals and the land. This also means delicious, nutrient-dense meat and eggs. Our native Pineywoods cattle eat only forage, supplemented with kelp meal for trace minerals. Our Mulefoot and Tamworth “heritage hogs” and our mixed flock of laying hens range freely, supplemented with grain. We are also a community of hospitality, welcoming visitors to learn about and share in our way of life. Please contact us to come and see the farm!

Hunter Cattle Company

Del Ferguson

430 Driggers Road

Brooklet, GA 31415


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: GA Grown, Certified Humane, American Welfare Association,

Farm Info: Hunter Cattle Company believes in the healthy benefits of Grassfed Beef, Pastured Pork, Free-Range Chickens, and Free-Range Eggs. Our family owned and managed farm is committed to providing the healthiest, best tasting beef, pork, poultry, and eggs for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner plate. We raise and finish our cattle on grass, free to roam and graze. Our pigs are pastured, free to roam and root the way the were intended to. Our chickens get their nutrients from the fields making their meat tasty and the eggs richer than those bought at the grocery store. Our animals receive no added growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics, and are not subject to feedlots or cages. Hunter Cattle is committed to the humane treatment of all the animals on our farm, ensuring their health and happiness at all times. We invite you to taste the difference!

Mar-View Farms

Fernando Mendez

627 Buford Rd.

Arabi, GA 31712


Grady Ranch

Bill West

2109 Harrell Rd.

Whigham, GA 39897


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: GRADY RANCH is a local fourth generational family farm located near Whigham, GA. GRADY RANCH produces all natural Grass-fed Angus Beef. Our mission is to provide the consumer with the highest quality agricultural product we are able to produce, while practicing natural and environmentally sustainable stewardship of the land in order to maintain it for future generations.Our Georgia grown cows are born, raised, and finished on GRADY RANCH. They have never been confined and are always pastured. No hormones or antibiotics have ever been given.

Hunter Farms

Chad Hunter

364 Cedar Springs Road

Jakin, GA 39861


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Hunter Farms, Inc. was established in 1937 by Mollie and John Wesley Hunter, Sr. John and his family were able to transform fifty acres of land and a few farm animals into a 1000+ acre farming operation. During John Hunter Senior’s reign, Hunter Farms produced cotton, peanuts, corn, and various other row crops, but specialized in beef cattle. John Sr. worked closely with conservationists as a land steward to help maintain the integrity of his land. In 1956 he received the Georgia Merit Farmer awarded by the Macon Telegraph and News in conjunction with Fort Valley State College for excellence in farm management and soil conservation methods. He was also recognized by Ebony Magazine in 1972 for his accomplishments as an African American farmer. Hunter Farms, Inc. is now a multigenerational farm. Currently, John and Mollie’s children maintain Hunter Farms and hold administrative positions allowing them to keep the farm intact for decades despite economic shifts and changing times. Excellent animal husbandry skills have strengthened the vitality of the herd and elevated the farm’s animal welfare standards. Throughout the decades, Hunter Farms has been able to maintain a closed herd of cattle with genetics dating back to John and Mollie’s original herd.

Iberian Pastures, LLC

John Benoit

111 S Broad St PO Box 98

Bluffton, GA 39824


Grassfed Products: Pork

Thompson Farms

Andrew Thompson

2538 Dixie Road

Dixie, GA 31629


Grassfed Products: Pork

Hawaii State Members

Hawaii Lowline Cattle Company

Rick Sakata

46-3930 Puaono Rd

Honokaa, HI 96727


Grassfed Products: Beef

Iowa State Members

RedBall Enterprises/JMB Cattle Co

Bill Robinson

4413 Woodsonia Ct NW

Cedar Rapids, IA 52405



Grassfed Products: Beef

Marilyn Farms

Phil Forbes

1385 Nutmeg Ave

Kalona, IA 52247


Grassfed Products: DailyProducts

Farmers Creamery, makers of Kalona SuperNatural

Phil Forbes

5195 Farmers Ave

Kalona, IA 52247


Grassfed Products: DailyProducts

Farm Info: Farmers Creamery, makers of Kalona SuperNatural, is located in a small, thriving organic farming community in the heartland of America—Kalona, Iowa. We work with traditional Amish and Mennonite family dairy farms that milk average herd sizes of only 35-40 cows. Six days a week, milk from these local farms arrives at our creamery and is batch pasteurized at low temperatures so we can deliver your kefir in the most natural state possible. Our products are non-homogenized, so the cream rises to the top and separates, a sign of milk in its most natural state! One of the most unique aspects of Farmers Creamery is that it is truly grassroots. Unlike larger companies, we know each and every farmer we work with. We visit their land. We know their families. We are invested in the lives of our producers and, in turn, they are invested in the integrity of the products we send to market.

Idaho State Members

Lava Lake Lamb

Stevens Michael

POB 2249

Hailey, ID 83333


Grassfed Products: Lamb

Illinois State Members

Flying S Beef

Penny Shaw

17594 E. 500th Ave

Palestine, IL 62451


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: The goal of Flying S is to provide its neighbors with delicious tender beef, raised naturally on grass pastures free from pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and GMO’s. The industrialized model of farming that has replaced small farmers has brought inhumane

Plum River Farm

Conrad Iandola or Sonia Nelson

5886 S Loran Rd

Pearl City, IL 61062


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: We raise 100% grassfed beef on our 242 acre farm, where our herefords and red angus cattle eat only the grass and hay we raise without artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

Harvest Hills Farm

Karen O'Mara

4062 S. Rodden Road

Hanover, IL 61041


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: Harvest Hills Farm was established in 2004 on 207 acres of land in Jo Daviess County, Illinois by Drs. Michael and Karen O'Mara. We expanded in 2011 by 48 adjacent acres to 255 acres! The newly added acreage has been cultivated and will be kept as a hay source for wintering our grass fed cattle and --soon to be added-- Katahdin sheep. It's planted in oats, clover, brome and orchard grasses. The farm is a perfect site for grazing cattle with its natural springs, creeks, and gently rolling hills. Our vision for the farm quickly developed to establish a free-range herd of Black Angus beef cattle, fully grass-fed and free from chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and unnatural processes. The Animal Welfare Association and American Grassfed Association were our great resources in developing procedures for raising livestock. We're committed to following their standards into the future.

Dierks Farms Grass-Fed Beef & Produce

Larry Dierks

273 W Point Rd

Ava, IL 62907-2318


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Illinois Producers

Farm Info: Dierks Farms was founded on the basis of Grass-fed beef even before the health benefits were brought to light. Today, we believe in Grass-Fed because it benefits our family, our animals, our customers and our environment. Our farming practices are centered around the humane treatment of our animals. Our animals are raised on stress free grass that is rotated on a regular basis both for the animals and the environment. Our family farm has a close relationship with the soil and water conservation service and has received Soil and Water Farm Family of the Year. This proves that our environmental farming spans all throughout our farming practices. Don't just take our word for it, try our meat and fresh produce for yourself. You'll love the taste and your body will love the healthy benefits. Remember: we're America's Grass Fed Beef.

D Central Farms

Hamid Markazi

2224 Deep Cut Road

Woodstock, IL 60098


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: D Central Farms are located at different locations in McHenry County, Illinois. Our grass-fed beef operation is situated at over eighty-five acres of beautiful farm setting across thousands of acres of conservatory areas. Our operation is based on a commitment to a sustainable environment, providing high quality beef to consumers, and managing our cattle properly and according to their needs.

Fox River Farm, LLC

Frank Lutz

6091 Pope Road

Sandoval, IL 62882


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Small family farm in Southern Illinois dedicated to growing food for people interested in health, quality, and taste. Our cows are raised with no hormones, antibiotics or other drugs, raised on pastures...never confined. We dry age 14 days, our processor is USDA inspected/ Organic certified, beef is available whole, side quarters and cuts.

Indiana State Members

Tyner Pond Farm LLC

Amber Groce

7408 E 200 S.

Greenfield, IN 46104


Grassfed Products: Beef

Kansas State Members

Chapman Creek Cattle Company

Clark and Susan Duffy

1501 SW Boswell Ave

Topeka, KS 66604

785 220-9808

Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Our mission is to provide the highest quality 100% grassfed beef to our customers. All of our beef is certified grassfed by the American Grassfed Association. Certified grassfed beef is naturally lean, yet tender and flavorful, something only a truly natural product can provide. It has a firm texture and distinctively rich flavor you are sure to enjoy. We select only the finest calves for our grassfed program and nurture them in our Flint Hills pastures near Abilene and Topeka. These cattle never receive antibiotics or hormones and are finished on our native grasses. They are never fed grain or in a feedlot environment. We take orders for sides of certified grassfed beef year around with special pricing for cattle processed in the spring and fall of each year. We provide free delivery to the Kansas City metro, central and northeast Kansas areas. For information on pricing, delivery or other questions please contact us. Stay Slim-Be Healthy. Eat Grassfed Beef.

Hill Cattle Co.

Brandt Hill

7520 w 160th Street

Overland Park, KS 66085


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: AWA, USDA Inspected

Farm Info: We have three generations of Hills that work our Ranch, and we are passionate about producing the healthiest, safest and highest quality grassfed beef possible. Our Angus cattle are born, raised and finished on open grass pastures. Our management practices are centered on respect for the environment and respect for the cattle. Our cattle are raised for their high quality beef, and they receive a forage diet of native Kansas grasses as they freely move around our property. They are never held in confinement, fed grain, antibiotics or synthetic growth enhancers of any kind. This all ensures that our cattle lead a great life, and produce consistent beef that is tender and flavorful.

Circle JM Ranch

Michael and Janet Novy

6933 SE 100th Ave.

Murdock, KS 67111

Beaver Creek Buffalo Co, LLC

Ken Klemm

7580 Rd. 25

Goodland, KS 67735


Hill Cattle Co., LLC

Josh Hill

4230 W. 271st. St., PO Box 1230

Louisburg, KS 66053


Grassfed Products: Beef

Graze The Prairie

Keith and Linda Long

408 W Blaine

LATHAM, KS 67072


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: RCR Natural and Gently Raised

Engle Family Farms

Melissa Engle

3353 Gulf Rd

Abilene, KS 67410


Grassfed Products: Beef

Kentucky State Members

Foxhollow Farm

Sarah Kayrouz

8905 Hwy 329

Crestwood, KY 40014


Farm Info: Our mission at Foxhollow Farm is to create a thriving Biodynamic Farming Community. Visit us and experience hands-on workshops, reconnect with nature on our hiking trails through the woods, and see a working farm in action!

Ashbourne Farms

Clarence Mays

3800 Old Westport Road

La Grange, KY 40031


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved; Kentucky Proud

Farm Info: At Ashbourne Farms, we run our farm the way you would if you were raising foods for your own family. We pasture graze our animals, free of antibiotics and hormones to ensure that the wholesome beef, pork and eggs you put on your table is the highest quality protein you can provide to your friends and family. Our farming practices reflect our respect for the land and the traditions that we hold true. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and wildlife stewardship ensures that Ashbourne Farms respects the delicate balance of the land and those of us who inhabit it. We know that many of you share our values and appreciate the care we put into our products. Like you, we strive to satisfy your hunger for the things that matter.

Berea College Farm

Jamie Rouse

CPO 2161

Berea, KY 40404


Grassfed Products: Goat, Beef, Bison

Dutch Creek Farm

Susan Schlosnagle

609 Magruder Park

Pleasureville, KY 40057


Louisiana State Members

Gonsoulin Land and Cattle, LLC

Dr. Shannon J. Gonsoulin

6108 Loreauville Rd.

New Iberia, LA 70563


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Gonsoulin Land and Catttle has been grazing cattle on the praires of South Louisiana since 1787.

Massachusetts State Members

Walker Farm at Whortleberry Hill

Joan Walker

1290 W Brookfield Rd

New Braintree, MA 01531


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: Our Promise: We provide products as pure and healthy to our customers, animals and the environment as possible. We cater to the consumer who wishes to provide themselves and nurture their family with high quality, untainted, locally grown, sustainably and humanely raised, nutritious, wholesome food and products. We have an overriding concern for the humane treatment of its animals while maintaining sound, ecologically responsible land and resource management. We participate in and contribute to the strength and pride of the local grass-fed beef & unadulterated food movement in Worcester County Massachusetts.

Cow Belle Farm

Phillip Sherwood-Berndt

POB 904

Amherst, MA 01004


Maryland State Members

Lovell Grass Fed Cattle Company

Katy Lovell

232 S Springdale Rd

New Windsor, MD 21776


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Lovell Grass Fed Cattle Company offers true 100% grass fed Angus beef. Our herd is free range and they graze freely among our 330 acres of certified organic pastures. Our farmland has been certified by the State of Maryland since 1998. All of our animals are born and raised on our family farm. We practice Management Intensive Grazing on our 330 acres, which allows for successive grazing on smaller pastures. We provide certified organic minerals and fresh spring fed water troughs. We use no antibiotics, added hormones or steroids. We rotate frequently in order to promote better weight gain and a healthier environment. Grass fed beef offers many benefits including good fat, rich in Omega 3\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s and high in CLA. We do business in a family restored historic log house on the property located in the beautiful rolling hills of Carroll County, Maryland. We welcome you to visit our farm, or you may place an order by phone or email. We sell by the whole or half. Please visit our website for more information: Lovell Grass Fed Cattle Company, LLC., 232 South Springdale Road, New Windsor, Maryland 21776. (410) 635-6161.

Michigan State Members

Rodger's Grass Fed, llc


9240 Cemetery Rd

alden, MI 49612


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Beef sold in packages on 10# or greater 1/2 and 1/4 available by request

Old Pine Farm

Kristen Hanna

Manchester, MI 48158

Grassfed Products: Lamb, Beef

Minnesota State Members

Pettit Pastures

Jake Pettit

13230 90th St. NE

Foley, MN 56339


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Pettit Pastures is a small family farm located near Milaca Minnesota. We are dedicated to raising all natural Grass-fed beef in a way that benifits the environment. We raise Lowline Angus cross cattle, we choose this breed for their size and ability to finish a quality beef on an all forage diet.

Rolling Hills Traeger Ranch

Christina Traeger

20134 St Anna Dr

Avon, MN 56310


Grassfed Products: Lamb, Beef

Additional Certifications: BQA (beef quality assurance)

Farm Info: Central Minnesota location with weekly Metro area delivery. I believe in raising the bar of quality and consistency every generation. We LOVE our animals, and we LOVE selling direct to consumers. So the face you see when purchasing is the face who raises them!

Januschka's Farm Fresh Meat

Jerry and Jackie Januschka

16539 183rd ST

Little Falls, MN 56354


Grassfed Products: Beef

Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed

Walker Kehrer

12925 Prosperity Ave

Becker, MN 55308


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed buys 100% Grassfed animals ready for processing in the Midwest and Northeast. We source from over 30 family farms in the regions. We have a wide range of grassfed beef products including fresh beef, boxed beef, sausages, hot dogs, tallow, bone broth, paleo chili, snack sticks, beef bars and jerky. All can be purchased at

HD Beef Works

Sean Hebel

6320 Chester Avenue

Northfield, MN 55057


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: HD Beef Works is a family owned and operated business (since 1972), located just south of the Twin Cities metro area (off of I-35 and Highway 19) in Northfield, MN. Our farm is committed to bringing you the healthiest and finest quality 100% grass-fed beef in the area with all the benefits it can provide. Our grass-fed cattle are never given antibiotics or growth hormones. We do not use insecticides or commercial fertilizers. You will not find an assembly line when you visit our farm in Northfield, MN. Rather, the production of 100% grass-fed beef is a process that requires flexibility in order to deliver consistency. We use reliable methods of sustainable production, high quality genetics and pasture grazing. This method provides our cattle with a lower stress environment in order to produce the best tasting, most tender and nutritious meat. Our cattle are raised in a semi-wild state and have free range on our pastures. We feed and finish all of our beef on fresh-grown perennial natural grasses. We are small enough to intimately care for our land as well as large enough to raise herds of premium grass-fed beef. Our beef is harvested when the animals are ready. The beef is processed in a state inspected facility; it is dry-aged fourteen days, butchered into individual cuts, vacuum packed and frozen. Beef is available for purchase year round. When you purchase beef from HD Beef Works, you can select from smaller packages of traditional cuts or purchase a quarter or half and work directly with the processor to determine your cuts. Pick-up is encouraged (come visit the farm); delivery is available. See our website for additional information and pricing.

Missouri State Members

American GrassFed Beef

Patricia Whisnant

HC4 box 253

Doniphan, MO 63935


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Our cattle are born, raised and finished on open grass pastures in the rolling hills of southern Missouri. We practice a holistic approach to farm management which sustains and nourishes the environment through restoration and soil improvement techniques.

Prier Farms

Aime'e King

25717 FR 1168

Eagle Rock, MO 65641



Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: We are operating a fourth generation farm located in beautiful Eagle Rock, MO. The farms ponds are spring fed from the clear, clean waters off Roaring River which runs through the farm. We harvest our own hay and use no grain, corn or any animal by products on the farm. The farm raises it's replacement heifers for breeding and replenishing the herd. Only bulls are purchased for breeding and we are currently using four Limo/Black Angus bulls. The farm is family ran and we all take great pride in our beef and have a deep rooted love for the land. No better conservator for the land than a landowner their selves.

Cabriejo LLC

Trent Hendricks

RR 81, Box 1734

Koshkonong, MO 65692


Grassfed Products: Goat, Lamb, Beef, DailyProducts

Additional Certifications: NonGMO Project Verified

7 Springs Farm

William Kubitscheck

3740 Hwy A

Mansfield, MO 65794


Grassfed Products: Beef

M6 Ranch

Marcus Mueller

10021 Hwy Y

Couch, MO 65690


Additional Certifications: USDA Organic - cattle

Farm Info: The primary focus of our business plan is to breed cattle, goats, and sheep that are raised without the negative impact of dietary starches. Doing so allows us to identify those individuals that will do well on 100% forage. In addition we believe that many diseases, especially parasites, have a strong genetic component. It is our goal to find, develop, and make those genetics available to others. Identifying those individuals and livestock families that have the genetics to thrive on forage, combined with genetic resistance to diseases and parasites are the foundation of our breeding programs.

Mississippi State Members

Stonnington Farm

Katie Stonnington

100 M. Price Road

Perkinston, MS 39573


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: USDA

Farm Info: Stonnington Farm is a family owned natural grass fed cattle farm located in Perkinston, MS. Stonnington Farm believes in the “Responsible Family Farming” model developed by owners Michael and Katie Stonnington. “Responsible Family Farming” is an approach placing stewardship of the earth, humane treatment of animals, and health of consumers at the cornerstone of agricultural business. Stonnington Farm does not utilize growth hormones or grains of any kind. No butchered animals have been treated with antibiotics.

Whites Crossing Cattle Company

Jeff White

3654 Hwy 26

Wiggins, MS 39577


Montana State Members

Mulvey Gulch Ranch LLC

Randall Kirk

2360 Mt Highway 69

Boulder, MT 59632


Grassfed Products: Beef

North Carolina State Members

Hilltop Angus Farm

Thompson Family

1708 Pee Dee Road

Mount Gilead, NC 27306


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: We are excited to offer to the consumer an alternative to conventional grocery store beef. We raise grassfed beef on our family farm. Visitors are welcome to visit our farm to see for themselves where their food comes from and to purchase our products.

Meadows Family Farms

Kenneth Strader

5434 Amick Road

Julian, NC 27283



Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: AWA in cattle, pigs, & chickens

Farm Info: Along with our Grassfed beef, free range pork, & free range laying hens, we carry a large line of value added products. We offer all beef hot dogs, all pork hot dogs, bacon, pastrami, salami, kielbasa, andouille, country sausage and Italian sausage.

Brush Creek LLC

Frances Huber

1387 Big Oak Rd

Ennice, NC 28623

336 657-8053

Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: Brush Creek Farm is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains 0f western NC on 205 acres and is home to 135 Animal Welfare and American Grassfed Approved Angus beef cattle along with pature raised hogs and Katahdin sheep. This year, we were were named the North Carolina Runner-Up Outstanding Conservation Farm Family. Frances is the first individual woman to earn the Runner-Up award, which recognizes her dedication to the environment and wildlife protection while at the same time operating a sustainable working farm. Brush Creek Farm’s beef is sold through Firsthand Foods in Durham, NC

Smithview Farm

Jim Smith

855 Wade Harris Rd.

Pittsboro, NC 27312


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Got to be nc approved

Farm Info: Smithview Farm is a 275 acre farm located in the rolling hills of the Silk Hope community between Pittsboro and Siler City ,NC. Our Angus steers are raised on mothers milk and grass their entire life. They roam our open pastures and graze fescue grass almost year round. They only drink water from the well and never from a pond. The welfare of our animals is our highest priority. Please refer to our website for details on our farm.

Marshallberg Farm

Lianne Won

811 Straits Rd.

Smyrna, NC 28579


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: AWA, AWA Grassfed, Certified Humane

Farm Info: Visit for more information.

Minka Farm

Kimberly Harry

120 Minka Farm Lane

Efland, NC 27243


Rare Earth Farms

Karl Hudson

2416 White Oak Rd.

Raleigh, NC 27609


Nebraska State Members

Straight Arrow Bison Ranch

Marty Bredthauer

79330 Sumner Rd.

Broken Bow, NE 68822


Grassfed Products: Bison

New Hampshire State Members

Schoolhouse Farm

Norman Cloutier

1870 Cleveland Hill Road



Grassfed Products: Lamb

Additional Certifications: AWA

New Mexico State Members

Gila River Ranch

Cecilia McNicoll

PO Box 189

Gila, NM 88038


Grassfed Products: Goat, Lamb, Beef, Bison

Farm Info: We raise Angus cattle, sheep, goats, and heritage turkeys on our ranch in southwest New Mexico. Our cattle, sheep and goats are never fed grains, treated with antibiotics, or given any hormones; our turkeys are grass pastured and fed certified organic feed. We use sheep, goats and hand pulling for weed control. We sell individually packaged cuts, sides and whole beef. Our products can be purchased online or by phoning 575-535-2664. We provide free delivery weekly to Silver City or orders can be picked up in Gila, NM by appointment. We sell packaged meats at the Farmers and Crafters Market on Saturdays and the Sunday’s Farmers Market at Tractor Supply on Picacho and Valley in Las Cruces, NM. Retail locations include Mountain View Market coop in Las Cruces and the Glenwood Trading Post in Glenwood, NM. The Little Toad Brewery & Distillery and The Green Turtle Noshery in Silver City, NM offer our beef and pork products on their menus.

Rancho Branchal

Geronimo Branchal

P.O. Box 241

Ocate, NM 87734


Grassfed Products: Beef

Ranney Ranch

Nancy Ranney

Box 376

Corona, NM 88318

Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved, Audubon Society Certified Bird-Friendly Grazing Land

Farm Info: Ranney Ranch is a family-owned Angus beef cattle ranch in the high mesa country of central New Mexico in operation since 1968. We have been direct marketing Grass-fed/Grass-finished beef both locally and nationwide since 2003. We are certified by the American Grassfed Association (AGA) and Animal Welfare Approved (AWA). Our cattle graze year-round on native grasses on our open range pastures. We believe in regenerative grassland management and use rotational grazing practices. We gather our calves on horseback in the fall and are committed to the preservation of the western ranching tradition. Our calves get no grain, hormones or antibiotics; they are never confined to a feedlot. They are humanely handled at the Ranch and by local processors. Our customers are pleased by the taste and tenderness of our young beef. It is low in fat and cholesterol, high in the vitamins, CLA\\'s and omega fatty acids found in fully grass-fed/grass-finished beef. We offer half and full beeves for sale at our website, as well as individual cuts through Skarsgard Farms CSA. Our beef is dry-aged and packaged to customer specifications. A half beef yields approximately 120 lbs. and fits in a large cooler.

WATE Ranches LLC

Wesley Eaton

16649 Las Alturas Rd

Vado, NM 88072


Grassfed Products: Beef

Hurtado Land and Cattle, dba La Sierra

Raul Hurtado

PO Box 513

El Prado, NM 87529


Grassfed Products: Beef

Watrous Valley Ranch

Andres Orona

PO Box 220

Watrous Valley, NM 87753


Grassfed Products: Beef

Nevada State Members



1951 West Williams Ave

Fallon, NV 89406


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved, Predator Approved

New York State Members

Heydenrych Farms

Magda Heydenrych

1811 St Hwy 163

Canajoharie, NY, NY 13317


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Anaimal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: Heydenrych farms is a 125 acre family farm located in Canajoharie, New York, 50 miles west of Albany and about 21 miles northeast of Cooperstown. We raise 100% grass fed and finished beef. We use no antibiotics or growth hormones.

High Lonesome Farm

Fred Griffen

2273 Stafford Road

Cincinnatus, NY 13040


no website

Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: NOFA-NY Certified Organic, Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: We raise NOFA-NY (USDA) Certified Organic, 100% grassfed, purebred Angus beef. We're proud to also be Animal Welfare Approved, and licensed by the American Grassfed Association.

Mack Brook Farm

Karen Christensen

312 McEachron Hill Rd

Argyle, NY 12809


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: AWA

Farm Info: WELCOME TO MACK BROOK FARM. We raise grassfed Angus beef on 300 acres in the foothills of the Adirondacks. We produce a premium product with superior quality and taste. Because each animal is born and raised on our farm, we have 100% traceability.

Lee Farms

Bob VanWuyckhuyse

1417 Sawyer Rd

Kent, NY 14477


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: NOFA-NY (Northest Organic Farming Association), USDA, Certified Naturally Grown,

Farm Info: We are dedicated to providing the best quality organically raised meats possible. We take pride in knowing that our cattle are raised naturally. \\ NO\\ chemicals, \\ NO\\ hormones and \\ NO\\ antibiotics. \\ NO\\ Genetically Modified Feeds and never confined to a barn. Our grass fed beef is dry aged, USDA inspected and sold by the cut per pound. Specialty cuts can be ordered in advance. You may also buy 1/2 and whole Beef animals. All our calves are born and raised on our farm. Our cattle are fed all naturally, with mixed hay and assorted grasses grown on our own Certified Organic fields and pastures. They are never fed grain. They live in a stress free environment and are kept out in the fresh air environment and have free range from grass pastures to wooded areas. Our farm is located within 1 mile of the Lake Ontario shoreline, in the Orleans County town of Carlton, New York and has been family owned and operated by Robert VanWuyckhuyse and his wife CindyLou Lee since 1983.

Full Moon Farm

Paul E. Colucci

31 Steves Lane

Gardiner, NY 12525


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Family owned and operated, Full Moon Farm offers grass fed beef, pastured pork, lamb and free range chicken. Grazing and rooting on over 300 acres nestled beneath the Shawangunk Ridge in Gardiner, New York, our animals are raised in a low-stress environment the way nature intended, without the need for antibiotics or other drugs.

Manzini Farm

Marco Turco

122 Robare Road

Keeseville, NY 1294:



Grassfed Products: Lamb, Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Naturally Grown

Farm Info: Icelandic and Shetland Lamb, Angus and Hereford Beef.

Morehead Cattle at Whispering Winds Farm

Ralph Nappi

Gates Road

Jamesville, NY 13078

(704) 999-8718

Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Certified Naturally Grown

Farm Info: In the hills of Central New York are hundreds of acres of lush grasses, rich in minerals and maintained by our family using sustainable and organic practices. It is that same place in the Finger Lakes Region where we raise honeybees to help pollinate the pastures from which our Angus & Hereford Cattle graze. We dedicate ourselves to quality and we are happy to say we raise not only tasty, but healthy beef.

Ohio State Members

Horodyski's White Barn Farm

Walter Horodyski

7780 State Route 88

Kinsman, OH 44428


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved,USDA Organic

Farm Info: Horodyski's White Barn Farm is a USDA Certified Organic Farm that produces Certified Organic Grassfed Beef as well as organic soybeans, corn, spelts, and hay.

White Clover Farm

James Linne

782 Watch Point Drive

Cinncinnati, OH 45230


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: We are a family owned farm located in Hillsboro, Ohio on 300 acres of gently rolling land. We have several natural springs to provide our cattle clean drinking water throughout the year. They stay outside on pasture year around and are supplemented with hay during the winter. We have Black Angus and Angus/Hereford cross cattle. They are raised from birth to slaughter on our farm. We practice rotational grazing during the growing season. Conservation of soil, clean air, and water quality within our watershed is a top priority. We are also interested in preservation of farm land and currently applying for an agricultural easement so that our land will remain agricultural in perpetuity.

Symmes Creek Ranch LLC

Mike George

509 Symmes Creek Rd

Patriot, OH 45658

(614) 581-0631

Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Symmes Creek Ranch is a family owned farm in beautiful Gallia County Ohio about 10 miles from the original Bob Evans Farms in Rio Grande Ohio. The 250 acre ranch is divided into 3 main pastures with rolling hills and trees. Cattle drink from natural springs that are found all over our farm. The ranch is bordered by 76 mile clean, clear Symmes Creek and Wayne National Forest. Our 100% Black Angus cows have calves in the spring, summer, and fall, in open pastures naturally and without human intervention. Our cattle are never confined, and never injected with antibiotics or growth hormones.

Green Vista Farm LLC

Jonathan Berger

8200 Lattasburg Rd

Wooster , OH 44691


Grassfed Products: Beef

Goode's Rolling Acres

William Goode

8477 W Sharps Ridge NW

McConnelsville, OH 43756


Grassfed Products: Beef

Elm Run Farms

Ken Ressler

16808 Burkhart Road

Orrville, OH 44667


Grassfed Products: Beef

Oklahoma State Members

Nitschke Natural Beef/Circle N Ranch

Lauren and Gary Nitschke

12390 N. 2800 Road

Waurika, OK 73573


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Certiication: Global Animal Partnership (GAP)

Farm Info: Dallas Market: Urban Acres Farmstead, Retail Store: Whole Foods Southwest Region Stores,, Beef Delivery: Dallas ( North Oak Cliff) several times a year, reservations for Mixed Quarters, Halves & Wholes can be made at Contact lauren@nnbeef for additional options.

Real-Ranch LLC/Paul and Shari Morrison

Paul or Shari Morrison

11714 CR 1690

Roff, OK 74865


Additional Certifications: Global Animal Partnership

Farm Info: We practice rotational grazing on all of our livestock. This practice is better for the land, livestock and the wildlife. We practice low stress animal handling and our cattle/sheep are never raised in a feedlot situation. We believe in raising grass fed beef on pesticide and herbicide free pastures, and that is exactly what we do. Our animals are all born and raised here on our ranch and stay here until they are taken to the USDA processors. We sell on farm and deliver to Oklahoma City area and Ada, Oklahoma; we also sell through the

Washita Valley Farms

Marshall Lancaster

12422 US Hwy 377S

Tishomingo, OK 73460


Grassfed Products: Lamb, Beef

Oregon State Members

Field's Grassfed Beef, LLC

Dick or Jeremy Field

29500 N River Rd

Prairie City, OR 97869


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Field's Grassfed Beef is located near the headwaters of the John Day River at the foot of beautiful Strawberry Mountain. Our breeding program, which includes the unique Piedmontese, allows us to produce a superior product. Our beef has excellent palatability, is high in protein and very low in cholesterol. We also have a line of processed beef including jerky, salami, and pepperoni.

Pennsylvania State Members

JuJo Acres Farm

Jonas and Judy Stoltzfus

528 Bistline Bridge Road

Loysville, PA 17047 - 9654


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved, USDA Organic, PCO certified

Farm Info: JuJo Acres is situated in the rolling hills of Perry County, Pennsylvania. Our Limousin beef cattle are an heirloom breed from the Limoges region of France. We have a closed herd, in that no beef cattle come in to our farm or go out (except to the butcher

WindSwept Grass Fed Angus

Steven Semkowicz

393 Pas Road

Ulster, PA 18850


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: 100% Grass Fed-Grass Finished Angus Beef. At WindSwept Angus, animals are raised on our farm receiving the most humane treatment as they graze pastures and enjoy the clean air, clean water and natural beauty of Northeast Pennsylvania. We care for our cows with ONLY natural growing grasses and nature’s purest water so you can enjoy the tastiest, highest quality, Grass Finished beef available. We are located in PA and convenient to NY and NJ. No steroids, growth hormones or enhancers of any type are ever used. All of our beef is USDA Inspected for your safety. Please view our website or contact us directly for additional information. Thank you.

South Carolina State Members

Dragonfly Orrganics

Pam LaHay-Orr

200 Dans Circle

Clinton, SC 29325


no website

Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: AWA

Farm Info: Dragonfly Orrganics is a family owned and operated cattle farm in Upstate SC. We raise 100% grass fed cattle free of antibiotics and hormones. Our cattle are raised and finished on 100% grass utilizing a rotational grazing system on open pastures. We do not use herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers on our pastures. Our beef is processed locally in a state inspected facility and dry aged for quality. All our beef is vacuum-sealed and labeled by the cut.

South Dakota State Members

Dakota Harvest Farm

Bob and Barb Corio

33565 Dakota Road

Jefferson, SD 57038


Grassfed Products: Lamb

Farm Info: Our lambs are Dorper hair sheep. The beef are a heritage breed of Dexters.

Two Plus Three Acres

David Hieb

20424 SD Hwy 47

Highmore, SD 57345


777 Bison Ranch

Mimi Hillenbrand

P.O. Box 8303

Rapid City, SD 57701


Grassfed Products: Bison

Farm Info: The 777 Bison Ranch has been in the Hillenbrand family for over 40 years and has been raising bison for over 30 years. It is located in southwestern South Dakota, where the landscape is comprised of mixed, short grass prairie. The 777 Bison Ranch raises its animals holistically, sustainably, and humanely. It has a strong belief to care for the land, plants, and the wildlife in the same manner. It plans for the whole, using Holistic Management, which has helped set its goals and achieve them. 777 VISION STATEMENT: To be a bison ranch that is productive and profitable with the highest regards and respect for the land, the animals, the people who work here, and surrounding communities by: - Producing high quality DNA tested genetically diverse bison in a low stress, humanely fashion that preserves the integrity of the American Bison (Bison bison) - Caring for the land to provide a diverse healthy landscape for future generations of bison, wildlife, plants, and people - Educating people about bison, ranching, conservation, and the prairie - Treating the people who work at the 777 Bison Ranch with respect and honesty and supporting them and their families while providing them with a good working environment that is safe and financially viable - Achieving a profitable and sustainable culture

Tennessee State Members

Yellowbird Farms

Deanna Magar-Malooley

1085 McCollum Bend Road

McMinnville, TN 37110


Grassfed Products: Lamb

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: Yellowbird Farms is a sustainable, 100% grass-Fed, family owned farm located in Middle Tennessee. The farm is bordered by the beautiful Collins River and is located in one of the most ideal grass and forage growing climates in the country. Our land is refuge for diverse plant and wildlife communities; we protect these natural resources by responsible stewardship, careful planning and partnering with the Natural Resources Conservation Services agency. Yellowbird Farms is committed to providing the finest, artisanal meats that are healthy, nutritious and delicious. Great care is given to ensure that all of our production practices are environmentally sustainable and ethical. Our animals are given lush pastures and spend their lives grazing and foraging as they would in nature. Humane treatment results in low stress levels and optimal health eliminating the need for antibiotics and growth hormones.

Jackson Straights Farm

Thomas Cate

214 Hwy. 31 W

Thorn Hill, TN 37881


Wildcat Ranch

David MacDonald

1830 Deer Creek Rd.

McEwen, TN 37101

931-994 2900

Grassfed Products: Beef

Texas State Members

ML Farms Texas/ McCollum-Lemke Ranches

Chad Lemke

P.O. Box 819

Mason, TX 76856


Grassfed Products: Goat, Lamb, Beef, Pork

Additional Certifications: Global Animal Partnership Step 4, Audubon Bird Friendly

Farm Info: ML Farms Texas is a sixth generation farming and ranching operation located in the northwest hill country of Texas in Mason, Menard and McCulloch counties. We raise Grassfed beef, lamb, goat, and pastured pork.

Lazy A Ranch

Margot Heard

1059 Kurt Road

Bellville, TX 77418



Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: Heavy Dry Aged Grassfed beef is available from British White and Akaushi cattle on 1000 acres. Order through the website, We can ship throughout Texas and offer some cuts, sixteenths, eights, quarters, halves, or whole. Pickup is available at the ranch or at Saint Nicholas School in Houston. Our calves are born, raised, and finished here on pasture, hay, and alfalfa. Holistic Management practices are followed and we use organic fertilizer. We have some Akaushi steers for sale. We have British White bulls, cows, heifers, and steers for sale.

Bonner Farm

Catherine Bonner

PO Box 5724

Valley Spring, TX 76885


Grassfed Products: Lamb, Beef

Farm Info: Our farm began in 2010 at the northern end of the Hill Country near Llano, Tx. This is home to very happy animals. We are certified American Grassfed for our Devon beef and our predominantly Dorper sheep. We also have pastured Large Black Hogs.

Koch Ranches, Inc.

Anthony H. Koch

50 Haverhill Way

San Antonio, TX 78209

(210) 213-8864

Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved, Go Texan Member

Farm Info: Koch Ranches is a family owned business of 5th, 6th, & 7th generation ranchers. It consists of over 4400 acres, many that are irrigated year-around to provide lush, fresh green grass for our all natural, grassfed animals raised as Mother Nature intended.

Thunder Heart Bison

Hugh Fitzsimmons

3619 Broadway # 14

San Antonio, TX 78209


Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: THunderheart Bison is the First Certified Grassfed Bison Producer in the U.S. We also make leather goods from 100% bison and native nectar honey.

Madroño Ranch

Martin and Heather Kohout

PO Box 219

Medina, TX 78055


Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: Madroño Ranch, in Medina, Texas, is both a working ranch and farm providing healthy food to local consumers and a residential center for environmental writers and artists. We sell our bison meat wholesale only.

GrassField Beef

Fohn & Jana Bendele

PO Box 100

Hondo, TX 78861


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: Family owned farm & ranch for 5 generations raising local certified grass fed beef that is animal welfare approved.

Watterson Ranch

Scott Miller

613 Watterson Rd

Bastrop, TX 78602


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: We are a 6th generation family operation located 30 miles southeast of Austin. We produce food that is honest-no shortcuts, fillers or additives. We never use hormones or antibiotics. Our cattle freely roam and graze on what God has provided. Grass fed means it takes nearly twice as long to produce our Watterson beef, but we believe that quality matters-in the happiness of our animals, in our impact to the land and the world, and in the food that you consume. It matters.

BSAK Ranch

Brad Woodard

POB 132

Rochelle, TX 76872


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: BSAK Ranch, 100% Grass-Fed Beef is a cow/calf operation located on the edge of the Texas Hill Country in Rochelle, TX. We strive for the best quality beef in our market providing our clients with pastured raised, 100% grass-fed beef. Our cattle receive NO Added Hormones, Antibiotics or Grains. We raise all our cattle on our ranch and provide quality grazing on our native and improved pasture. Contact us for how we can better serve you and your family! We look forward to partnering with you in providing the upmost quality in grass-fed beef.

Martin Family Ranch

Todd Martin

POB 1761

Mason, TX 76856


Grassfed Products: Beef


Shaun Jones

94 County Road 95b

Moulton, TX 77975


Grassfed Products: Lamb

Farm Info: Amy + Shaun Jones provide registered Gulf Coast sheep and delicious, forage-raised lamb by the cut as well as eggs from pasture raised, heritage breed hens.

Eagle Catcher Farm & Ranch

Nancy Klein

19782 Morris Rd.

Harlingen, TX 78552


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: Eagle Catcher Farm & Ranch raises certified grassfed beef in Harlingen, in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Our goal is to supply delicious and healthy Angus-Brahman naturally grown beef, to our customers. We are certified with American Grassfed Association & Animal Welfare Approved. Although, we are not yet certified organic, that is our goal. We practice sustainable farming techniques & our animals have no exposure to growth stimulating hormones or antibiotics. Our small closed herd is maintained on 34 acres of grassland with no supplemental feeding except hay(alfalfa & Bermuda). Our herd thrives on low stress compassionate care. Our objective is to provide healthy, tasty, naturally tender beef, free of man-made chemicals and substances not of natural origin. Angus-Brahman beef, home grown, dry aged, vacuum packaged, from our freezer, sold directly to the customer.

Bandera Grassland

Debbie Davis

P.O. Box 122

Tarpley, TX 78883


Grassfed Products: Lamb, Beef

Additional Certifications: AWA

Farm Info: We raise Grassfed Texas Longhorn cattle, pastured lamb and we sell eggs from free roaming hens. We also harvest our feral hogs and offer free range pork for sale. We deliver to the Austin and San Antonio areas and during cold months ship small orders within the UPS one day Ground Service area.

Harral Livestock Company

Jessica Harral

6005 103rd Street

Lubbock, TX 79424


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Farm Info: Harral Livestock Company has been in operation for 173 years. The enterprise began in 1840 and has proudly been taken over by each generation. We operate today as we did back then, and pride ourselves on a quality, wholesome product, and reliable and sustainable business practices. Harral Livestock Company raises all natural, grass-fed Angus, Limousin, and Corriente Cattle without the use of antibiotics or hormones. At Harral Livestock Company we believe nature has a way of knowing the right way, and that is how we base our operation, in the most natural way possible. We respect the land and the animals in our care, and believe treating the animals with dignity allows them to exhibit their natural tendency which yields the most sustainable, healthful product.

Bar J Grassfed Beef

Margaret and Sam Jones

501 Rieger Road

Coupland, TX 78615


non e

Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved

Ross Land & Cattle

Britt Ross

1944 Hillcreast Drive North

Sulphur Springs, TX 75482


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: GAP, GLA

Farm Info: At the “RLC” (Ross Land & Cattle) we raise our grassfed all natural free range “Artisan Prime Beef” , so we can have healthier better tasting steaks on our table and enjoy a safer and healthier way to preserve and protect our kids and our land. Our Definition of an “Artisan” - One who creates a master piece through passion while remaining in harmony and balance with Mother Nature. We are also members of the Grassfed Livestock Alliance and raise our beef to GAP & AGA standards . Ranching the same little piece of Texas since 1860.

Holy Cow Beef

Weldon Warren

5214 70th Street

Lubbock, TX 79424


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Global Animal Partnership, Go Texan

Farm Info: Holy Cow Beef is proud to run our cattle on pesticide and herbicide free grasses. Our grassfed cattle are free from added hormones and antibiotics. We practice low stress animal husbandry that produces flavorful, wholesome beef you feel confident and good about serving your family and friends. Our ranching practices reflect our respect for the land and the traditions that we believe in. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture is a passion we share with our customers and other like minded ranchers. We know that many of you share our values and appreciate the care we put into our cattle. We, like these other AGA members, strive to make a difference for the things that matter.

Beale Beef Company

Craig Beale

3425 Hanover

Dallas, TX 75225


Betsy Ross Grassfed Beef

Betsy Ross

410 CR 493

Granger, TX 76530


F Bar Springs Ranch

Diaz Murray

2510 Beefeater Drive

Wichita Falls, TX 76308


Two Less Farms

Michael Rivers

645 CR 4365

Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455


Buck N Buffalo Ranch

Jack Henderson

802 Alkire Lake Drive

Sugarland, TX 77078


Hickory Lake Beef

Jim Rackley

878 CR 339

La Vernia , TX 78121


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Hickory Lake Beef is focused on providing high-quality grass fed beef and grass finished beef in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas. Our beef is fresh and delicious and our customers are very satisfied. We never use any hormones, growth steroids, antibiotics or pesticides and our cattle are never fed any grains. We value customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Austin Red Angus Ranch

Stephen Austin

Rhome, TX 76078-5181


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved, Texas Beef Quality Assurance

Farm Info: The Austin Ranch is a family run cow-calf operation that maintains a herd of American born and raised Red Angus Cattle in a very caring environment using low stress cattle handling methods including two stage or natural weaning that basically eliminates stress for the cow and calf at this pivotal time. Our cows graze along the river in wooded pastures and open tree lined meadows with their calves right alongside as nature intended. We raise our own replacements here at the Ranch, without Antibiotics or added Hormones. We believe quality genetics, low stress cattle handling and loving what we do play a major role in raising quality healthy cattle. Texas born and raised Red Angus Beef!

Chisholm Trail Grass-fed Beef

Mike Crawford

County Rd. 550

Mullin, TX 76864


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Go Texan

Farm Info: With Chisholm Trail, you get beef that's leaner than regular beef, pork and even most cuts of chicken and turkey. Also, Chisholm Trail has up to 430% more healthy Omega 3 acids than regular, grain-fed beef, more vitamin B6 than 6.5 cups of raw spinach and high levels of protein, iron, zinc,phosphorus, niacin, riboflavin and vitamin B12. The simple fact is, with Chisholm Trail, you get a leaner, healthier cut of meat from a source you can trust. Raising grass-fed cattle comes natural to us.

Beall Ranch Properties, Ltd.

Mark Beall

PO Box 1275

Fredericksburg, TX 78624


Grassfed Products: Beef

Heritage Lean Beef LLC

Marcella Epperson

PO Box 546

Rocksprings, TX 78880


Grassfed Products: Goat, Lamb, Beef

Nurture Ranch

Rodney Mason

2770 Main Street, Suite 234

Frisco, TX 75033

(214) 578-6648

Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Nurture Tracker®

Farm Info: We produce 1 Steer™ and 1 Cow™ 100% Grass Fed Beef, that has been proven in independent lab studies to be 100% cleaner than industry standards. Every pack features a Nurture Tracker® code tracing nurturing history birth to harvest. No other meat in the world goes to this length to provide the cleanest most transparent “Unmatched Clean Taste™” That is why we were awarded the NEXTY Award® from the Natural Products Expo and named, A Superstar in Radical Transparency, by the Clean Eating Magazine. Our product is sold in grocery stores and through food service companies.

Mustang Creek Farms dba Twice As Happy Pasture Raised

Myriam Frick

2506 Taylor Street

Commerce, TX 75428

903 249 2411

Grassfed Products: Beef

Circle H Angus Ranch

Brandon and Julie Harrison

9043 CR 192

Gonzales, TX 78629


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Circle H Angus Ranch has been owned and operated by the Harrison family for over 25 years. Located in Gonzales County, Texas, Circle H exclusively raises Black Angus Cattle using only humane ranching practices. The 100% grassfed beef offered to you is certified by the American Grassfed Association, which promises that our product is raised only in open pastures without the use of growth hormones and anti-biotics.

Rueffer Ranch

Caren Rueffer

2065 Ranch Road 1723

Mason, TX 76856


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: We offer Rueffer Ranch Rose Beef by custom order. A 8-10 month old milk-fed calf weighing about 600lb is harvested on weaning day. Adding classes to educate consumer how to cook grass-fed beef products and use of the whole animal. We strive to produce superior cattle adapted to their geographic location, thrive without inputs such as vaccinations and parasite control, and a rock-solid constitution. Our closed herd was recently tested for Bovine Leukosis Virus, Bovine Diarrhea Virus, Johne's, and Neospora with 100% negative results. Animal health is paramount to our program and we stay abreast of bovine health in the state of Texas. Our cattle: *Old-Style registered Hereford Cattle * Grass-fed Jersey herd with genetics from Ben Gotschall's Holt Creek Jerseys in Nebraska. Our Jersey herd sire is Branched Oak Balladeer Bruno . *Angus, Hereford,and Red Angus crosses

Green Acres Cattle Company

Ben and Jessica Rumbaugh

1647 County Road 410

El Campo, TX 77437

979 320 7884

Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: As fourth generation cattle ranchers, the industry is deeply rooted in our blood and we have a deep love and passion for raising cattle. When we set out to do it on our own, we researched and educated ourselves to make sure we did it the right way -- the healthy way and the responsible way for both our customers and our cattle. That is just the beginning of our story. We are Ben and Jessica Rumbaugh from El Campo, TX, and we are proud American Grassfed Association Certified ranchers dedicated to bringing you the healthiest and best quality custom order grass fed beef.

Cameron Family Farm

Jack Cameron

4438 CR 2130

Iredell , TX 76649


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Established in 1994, Cameron Family Farm, located in the ‘Painted Hills’ of Bosque County, Texas is perfectly situated to fill the growing demand for grass finished beef. Whether you are a beef lover interested in exploring the unique flavors of craft beef or a market or restaurant wanting to offer the best in the farm to table experience, we can satisfy the most discerning palate.

Virginia State Members

Wolf Creek Farm

John Whiteside

PO Box 10

Wolftown, VA 22748


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Grassfed natural beef produced humanely from a closed Angus-Devon-Hereford herd using sustainable farming practices. We use only natural manures and soil amendments, no chemical fertilizers or herbicides to keep our diverse pastures lush.

Riverstone Organic Farm

Kat Johnson

708 Thompson Road SE

Floyd, VA 24091


Grassfed Products: Lamb

Additional Certifications: AWA, USDA Organic

Farm Info: Riverstone Organic Farm sits along the headwaters of the Little River and is home to a growing flock of Katahdin sheep raised for meat. We practice management intensive grazing to keep the sheep in optimum health and to maintain the vitality of our soils and pastures for the next generation. This means we rotate the flock to a fresh patch of grass each day to mimic the natural migration patterns of ruminants and to allow grazed paddocks the longest possible regrowth time before getting munched again. We see a direct connection between the health of our soil, the health of our sheep and the quality and richness of the lamb we produce.

Dutch Hollow Cattle Company

William Snow

1826 Dutch Hollow Road

Raphine, VA 24472


A&M Farms Grass Fed & Finshed Beef

Michael and Amanda Parris

714 Snake Creek Rd

Hillsville, VA 24343


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: USDA Grass Fed Verified, AWA Audit Pending

Farm Info: Our beef is better for you, better for the environment and better for the animals under our care. We carry three goals in whatever decisions we make: To produce food that is natural, safe, nourishing and delicious. To respect and honor the creatures under our care. To heal and enrich the lands we graze.

Valentine's Bakery and Meats

Shannon Martin

1326 Locust Grove Church Rd

Orange, VA 22960


Grassfed Products: Beef

Vermont State Members

Shire Beef, LLC

Niko Horster

646 Reed Rd

Vershire, VT 05079


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare

Farm Info: Shire Beef is located in Central Vermont at 1800' of elevation with views of the Presidential Range. Our mixed herd of about 30 head of Red Angus/Hereford and Pinzgauer (this breed comes from the Austrian alps and goes back to Celtic times)genetics is grazed for 8 or 9 months of the year on around 100 ac depending on the amount of snow we have. During that time the cows are moved to new pastures every 24 -48 hours. We work with high stocking densities in order to improve the land under our stewardship. The calves will stay with their mothers until they are weaned naturally by their mothers. In winter we feed hay and grass form bales. The meat from our cattle is tender and delicious, full of the right balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. We offer meat locker services to customers and can ship our product although we prefer to encourage customers to buy from farms local to them. We also offer pre-buy and bulk discounts.

Farmer Brown

Todd Brown

2850 Witchcat Road

Enoburg Falls, VT 05450


Washington State Members

K-T Cattle Company

Katie and Jim Haack

1818 324th. Ave. NE

Carnation, WA 98014


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: AWA Pending

Farm Info: K-T Cattle Company humanely raises exceptional grass based livestock, for farm and for table, in the lush Snowqualmie River Valley. We are a direct marketing farm serving the greater Puget Sound Community dedicated to heritage miniature cattle with superior disposition, taste, and nutrition.

Wisconsin State Members

Seven Seeds Farm

Lea Dolan Stroncek

5079 County Rd Z

Spring Green , WI 53588


Grassfed Products: Beef

Additional Certifications: USDA Grass-fed Organic, MOSA Organic

Farm Info: We breed and raise our own cattle on Organic (MOSA) certified organic pasture and hay produced on the farm. Our cattle are on a rotational grazing system to prevent runoff to a local trout stream. Seven Seeds Farm's Murray Grey cattle are humanely treated with plenty of pasture, a complete mineral program, Redmond Mineral Salt, kelp, and a fly rub that contains organic Crystal Creek NO Fly oil. Murray Grey cattle are known to dominate in taste test competitions due to the marbled finish they can achieve from a 100 % grass based diet. Our steers are finished on fresh green grass from July to September and are processed during this time frame only at Weber Meats in Cuba City, Wisconsin. We only sell meat that is raised on our farm from individual cuts to bulk (quarter, half or whole carcass). Customers are welcome to visit the Seven Seeds Farm Store Saturdays 9-1 and Wednesday 2-6!

Together Farms LLC

Stephanie Schneider

W93 Norden Road

Mondovi, WI 54755


Grassfed Products: Lamb, Beef

Additional Certifications: Certified Naturally Grown

Farm Info: We strive to raise the healthiest, happiest animals we can providing lots of minerals and pasture. 100% grass-fed/finished beef and lamb. Our intensively grazed, British White Park cattle, and Tunis sheep were selected for their calm disposition, mothering traits, and their ability to excel in a pasture raised system. Processed without weird stuff (no MSG, nitrates, unpronounceable ingredients).

NewGrass Farm

Paul Nehring

4009 Henry St

Wausau, WI 54403


Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: You shouldn't have to choose between flavor and health. We provide healthy, high quality, grassfed beef and pasture-raised pork at a reasonable price in Central Wisconsin. Newgrass Farm beef is unlike any other grassfed beef coming through this meat plant. It is premium grassfed beef, probably the best grassfed steaks I have ever seen. Andy Geiss, owner of Geiss Meat Service Our dry-aged, grassfed Angus beef is available for sale in individual cuts, or in bulk, year round. Specific cuts or extra long dry aging are available by special order. All beef is dry-aged for 21 days, and Ribeye and NY Strip are aged 35 days. We sell at local farm markets, at local stores, and out of our home. We do not ship meat.

Great River Ag

Jessi Barth

W26001 Volds Ln

Arcadia, WI 54612


Additional Certifications: USDA Organic

Farm Info: Great River Ag offers the highest quality of Organic, Non-GMO and Conventional feed that is tailored to meet your individual needs. We handle bulk and bagged feed delivery, grain storage for future use, and Great River Ag also offers top of the line Animal Nutrition Consulting to bring out the best in your animals. Great River Ag recognizes no two customers are the same, and we offer services from a team of professionals that are trained and certified to make sure your individual needs and goals are met… with no exception. We produce only the highest performing feeds, proteins, minerals and other animal products that are made fresh when you order, and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is simple… provide customers with a quality product and quality service. We are here to help you succeed with your long-term goals in mind. We like to think of your animals as our animals, and because of that we only offer high quality ingredients that are inspected and tested to meet your standards.

West Virginia State Members

Sarver Heritage Farm

Robert Doering

Rt. 2 Box 285

Ronceverte, WV 24970

304 647-5482

Grassfed Products: Beef

Farm Info: Sarver Heritage Farm is a 3rd generation beef farm, established in 1951 on 250 acres of beautiful rolling hills in the Organ Cave area of WV. This is a ‘forever’ farm, under conservation easement via the Farmland Protection Program. Basically, we’re a couple of hermits who avoid bright lights, off in the highlands raising the best darn beef you’ll ever taste. If you’re looking for extremely lean grass fed beef, we can’t help you. Our Angus/Galloway herd produces beautifully marbled dry aged steaks from fully fat-covered carcasses. From a taster at the Artisan Beef Institute: “I’m in hamburger heaven”. From Craig “Meathead” Goldwyn: “…the Platonic ideal of the modern steak. Sooooo beautifully beefy and best of all, balanced.” Yes, it’s that good. Nutrition Testing information is on our website, (yes, we care enough to have had our own testing done); as is all the information folks try to convey or imply with buzzwords.

Swift Level Land and Cattle

Jennifer Jones

237 Herns Mill Rd

Lewisburg, WV 24901


Grassfed Products: Beef