American Grassfed Association (AGA) is a national organization that provides certification, market support, education, research, and advocacy on behalf of grassfed ruminants and dairy and pastured pork producers and supporters. AGA offers independent family farms and ranches use of the first and USA only grassfed certification program developed by grassfed ranchers, scientists, veterinarians, and other industry experts.

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Certification program

Our certification program requires producers to meet a stringent set of standards and pass an annual third-party, on-farm inspection to become approved AGA Certified producers. To learn more, visit our certification page.

Market support

We provide AGA certified producers with the AGA logo, trademark, service mark and/or design mark for use on labels and other marketing materials.


Through conferences, ranch days, publications and other outreach efforts, AGA works with producers, chefs, and consumers to bridge the gap between pasture and table.


AGA works directly with legislators and the USDA in conjunction with other likeminded organizations to establish farm policy that supports American grassfed producers and family farms.


AGA forms alliances with other organizations that share our values in the grassfed food production and regenerative agriculture movements to give a voice to American grassfed ruminant, dairy and pastured pork producers.

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