Become A Member

If you would like to become a member, please take a moment to review our membership levels below, after which you may download and complete our  Membership Form.  Producer Supporter Members may apply for approved status upon completion of the membership process. Membership in AGA does not grant Approved Producer status. No member may claim to be AGA approved or use the AGA logo until after a full and complete third-party audit and approval from AGA. Please return your completed forms along with a check to:

American Grassfed Association
POB 461090
Denver, CO 80246

Membership Levels and Benefits

American Grassfed Association Producer Member 


  • Use of the AGA logo and language on all marketing materials (per licensing agreement)
  • Complete listing on the AGA website Approved Producer Directory with links to the producer’s own website
  • AGA Marketplace, a section of the AGA website for no-cost classified listings
  • Marketing support
  • Media relations
  • Voting rights
  • Subscription to all AGA print and electronic newsletters
  • Discounts on conferences and other educational opportunities
  • Networking
  • Nutritional research and support
  • Government representation


  • $200 per year
  •  $1 per head harvested or milked (large ruminants), $0.25 per head (small ruminants)
  • Please see email for breakdown on Milk Production fees

In addition, to become an American Grassfed Association Certified Producer Member, you must meet AGA’s standards as verified by an independent, third-party audit. Please review our standards and the protocol here.

Open to any producer of grassfed or pastured meats and poultry in the U.S. 

Supporting Member


  • Eligible to apply for Approved Producer status
  • ACCESS to the exclusive AGA Producer Marketplace
  • Name-only listing on the new Supporter page on the AGA website
  • Subscription to all AGA print and electronic newsletters
  • Discounts on conferences and other educational opportunities
  • Networking


$100 per year. Open to anyone who supports the grassfed movement.


Become an AGA Approved Inspector:

Download the Inspector Application HERE:

ALL INSPECTORS: Please email to get the official inspection documents. INCOMPLETE INSPECTION CHECKLISTS WILL BE RETURNED TO BE COMPLETED – All information must be completed and all tear tags, affidavits, grazing plans, etc MUST be included in the submission.  

DAIRY SPECIFIC INSPECTORS: If you are applying to do AGA dairy on farm inspections, you must complete an on line webinar specific to AGA dairy standards.  If you have already applied to do dairy inspections, you must complete this training to continue to do dairy inspections.  

You can apply for and take the course through IOIA. Please contact them for more information.  ALL course completion certificates must be on file with AGA before you can conduct any on-farm inspections.  Submit to