What our logo on your label tells your customers:

  • Your animals were fed a lifetime diet of 100% forage
  • Your animals were raised on pasture, not in confinement
  • Your animals were never treated with hormones or antibiotics

Producer Members may apply for certification upon completion of the membership process. Membership in AGA does not grant certification. No member may claim to be AGA certified or use the AGA logo until after a full and complete certification audit and approval from AGA.

Approved AGA Producer status  in five steps

Step 1:
Understand the standards and make sure your AGA membership is up to date. We are unable to audit any farm who is not an AGA producer supporter member in good standing. Learn more about membership and download a form on our membership page. If you would like a copy of the standards or have questions about your membership, please email us.

Step 2:
Email or call us at 877-774-7277  to let us know you want to be certified.

Step 3:
We will go over the audit options available to you.  If you have other certifications, such as organic or state or local programs, we can work with that auditor to do the AGA audit at the same time, and they will advise you as to the cost ( if any) of the audit. If you don’t have any other certifications, then we can provide you with a list of auditors to choose from. Once you choose a firm for the audit, the auditor must contact AGA for the proper paperwork. Please note:  In order to maintain true third-party audit status, AGA will have no financial interest in the arrangements between you and the auditor, nor will we recommend one auditor over another. We have compiled a list of auditors for your convenience, but you may also use your own ruminant animal veterinarian or extension agent.
Step 4:
Once the farm visit (audit) is completed, the auditor must send the paperwork to AGA.  Our Certification Committee will review it, and once they determine that you qualify for Approved AGA Producer status, we will send you paperwork to complete the process.

Step 5:

Complete and return the licensing agreement to AGA with the licensing fee. Approved AGA Producer members pay $100 per year for membership dues and a $150 licensing fee the first year. Beginning in year two, the licensing fee drops to $100.00. In addition, Approved Producer members pay a per head fee, currently $1.00 per head for large ruminants ( beef or bison) or per head milked and/or .25 for small ruminants ( goat and sheep) for every animal harvested for the Approved Producer program (any animal harvested that uses the AGA logo). This fee will be determined by the AGA certification committee. A form will be sent to you with your annual billing, and this payment will be made along with your yearly membership and license fee.

Existing producer members who are current and have already paid $100.00 for their annual membership will pay the additional $100.00 once the audit and approval process is completed. Your licensing fee will be prorated to align you with AGA’s billing cycle, which is a calendar cycle.  Once you are approved and licensed, you can use the AGA Grassfed logo on your labels and promotional materials. And remember, if you see that logo being used on products you doubt meet the AGA standards, please tell us! Together, we will maintain the integrity of the AGA brand, the original and oldest grassfed certification in the U.S.