Please fill out the form below to apply to be an AGA-approved inspector. You must receive confirmation of approval PRIOR TO CONDUCTING ANY ON-FARM INSPECTIONS.

In addition, please read ALL instructions and complete all fields on the inspection documents as incomplete inspection forms cannot be submitted.


Inspectors cannot inspect farms or ranches they own, have any financial relationship with, or a farm owned by a relative or personal friend. For more information, please contact or call 877-774-7277

If you are applying to do AGA dairy on farm inspections, you must complete an online webinar specific to AGA dairy standards. If you have already applied to do dairy inspections, you must complete this training to continue to do dairy inspections.

You can apply for and take the course through IOIA.

In order to take the dairy course, you must either take a prerequisite 100-level in-person basic inspection course in livestock or demonstrate an equivalent level of experience in the scope. There is a short application to determine this which can be found at:

Once you are finished, please send the application to

Finally, here is the link where you can register and pay for the dairy course:

The cost to non-IOIA members is $375. There is a discount available for IOIA members that will be applied at checkout. Please contact IOIA with any questions about the course.

All course completion certificates must be on file with AGA before you can conduct on-farm inspections. Completion certificates must be sent to

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