LaGrange, Indiana – June 22, 2023

The American Grassfed Association (AGA), a national organization that safeguards and promotes grassfed producers and grassfed products, proudly reports the testimony of Greg Gunthorp, an Indiana resident, owner of Gunthorp Farms, and AGA board member. Gunthorp testified at the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Administrative State, Regulatory Reform, and Antitrust hearing on June 13, 2023.

In his compelling address, Gunthorp raised essential points about the challenges and opportunities for small and medium-sized farms in rural America. He also shed light on the stringent government regulations affecting the growth of the meat processing industry.

“We need subsidy reform, antitrust enforcement, truth in labels, and inspection reform if we are to rebuild local and regional food systems,” Gunthorp stressed. “We need a new game, where everyone has a chance for success, including the smaller scrappy players who are willing to put their time and energy into it.”

Gunthorp’s testimony highlighted the importance of addressing USDA inspection issues and promoting fair market access as vital steps towards revitalizing local and regional food systems. He suggested reforms such as redefining establishment sizes, establishing an ombudsman to address USDA dysfunction, ensuring complete rulemaking processes before enforcement, expanding inspection programs, restoring truth in labeling, prioritizing local/regional suppliers in USDA procurement, addressing agency revolving door and ethics issues, and enforcing strict antitrust regulations.

Gunthorp Farms, a shining example of local, high-quality, sustainable farming, is a pasture-based livestock and poultry farm with on-site USDA inspected slaughter and processing operations. Supplying premium products to high-profile clients like O’Hare Airport, Wrigley Clubhouse, and Disney, Gunthorp Farms is a testament to the potential success and influence of small, local farms.

The AGA stands with Gunthorp in advocating for policy reform that enables the growth and competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in meat processing. We believe that reducing regulatory barriers will invigorate rural economies, promote sustainable farming, and offer consumers more choices in the marketplace.

The AGA is committed to being a voice for independent farmers and to keeping rural America alive and thriving. We support and uphold the benefits of grassfed farming on domestic economies, rural communities, and the environment.

Gunthorp’s testimony serves as a reminder of the significant role that independent farmers and ranchers play in our food systems and the communities they nourish. The AGA is proud to be a part of this crucial conversation and will continue to work towards a future where the regulatory environment favors local, sustainable agriculture.

About the American Grassfed Association:

The American Grassfed Association is a national organization that provides certification, market support, education, research, and advocacy on behalf of grassfed producers and stakeholders. We promote the grassfed community through government relations, research, concept marketing, and public education. We stand in solidarity with Gunthorp Farms and other independent farmers who strive to provide food that tastes better, promotes health, rebuilds soil and communities, and offers more opportunities for all.

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