The American Grassfed Association Certification Committee has added BovaZyme®, a feed additive distributed by RJ Ag Products, L.L.C., to the list of supplements approved for use in beef and dairy cattle feeding.

Scientific studies and field trials have shown that  BovaZyme® creates microbial growth directly in the rumen, enabling the animal to absorb all available nutrients from the food source.  BovaZyme® has been shown to help prevent bloat issues, increase rate of gain, increase conception rates, decrease mortality, help animals to better handle transitioning stress of all sorts, improve milk production, improve manure consistency, and improve feed efficiency.

BovaZyme® is administered either as a free range mineral or in cooked tubs. The company also has products for swine, goats, and chickens.

“The Certification Committee has thoroughly vetted this product and found it to be in compliance with our standards. Our members can use it, knowing that it meets our certification criteria,” said Carrie Balkcom, AGA’s executive director.

For more information on this product or to learn if it has a part in your feeding program, contact Terry Sheffield at 704-995-5477 or, or visit the RJ Ag Products web site.

To learn more about AGA’s standards regarding supplements, download a copy of the standards.

Bovazyme® is a registered trademark of York Ag Products, Inc.

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