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American Grassfed Association Announces Strategic Partnership to Ensure Food Traceability and Intelligent Supply Chain Management with AgTech Startup Fuudchain

June 21, 2018 – The American Grassfed Association(AGA) and FuudchainLLC(Fuudchain) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to offer a distributed ledger technology solution across the domestic grassfed supply chain. The AGA is partnering with Fuudchain to assist in aggregating domestic grassfed supply, implement product traceability, create efficiencies in the supply chain and drive pricing transparency for domestic grassfed products.  

According to Fuudchain Co-Founder, Christopher Marconi, “The Fuudchain team was both inspired and shocked by AGA’s 10,000 Mile Meat Campaignthat highlights the freshness, overwhelming logistics and distance traveled pertaining to the majority of grassfed beef sold in the USA, which is imported from far away countries. Equipping consumers with definitive traceability and provenance information provides the AGA’s member-producers with a material advantage to imported and Factory beef products, by certifying freshness, animal attributes and animal welfare.  Demand for the AGA members’ domestic grassfed products will continue to increase as consumers will have valuable information readily available to them at the point of sale through Fuudchain’s technology.”

Through the broad application of advanced technologies, Fuudchain’s solution reduces production costs in the domestic grassfed protein industry while validating compliance with conditions necessary for AGA-certification of the product. The application of Fuudchain’s Inherently Trustworthy platform across the full lifecycle of the animal, and the production and distribution of food and dairy products optimizes the supply chain and pricing systems. Fuudchain creates industry transparency and collaboration among stakeholders, procuring a reliable supply for the growing demand of American consumers and a reliable, predictable business model for AGA-certified producers. 

About AGA

AGA has offered the first and only producer-driven, third-party-on farm inspected grassfed meat and dairy certification program in the U.S. since 2009. AGA standards require that ruminant animals are fed a one-hundred-percent forage diet from weaning to slaughter, live their lives on pasture with no feedlot confinement, are not administered antibiotics or hormones and are born and raised on U.S. family farms. All certified producers undergo a thorough inspection by an independent third-party inspection at least every 15 months.  

AGA also has standards for pastured pork. All standards are available on the AGA website.

About Fuudchain

Colorado-based Fuudchain LLC is dedicated to the development and application of advanced technology solutions to increase opportunity for American Farmers and Ranchers, to deliver positive impact to rural economies and to ensure a fresh, trustworthy and high-quality product for consumers. The Fuudchain platform, leveraging Inherently Trustworthy distributed ledger technologies in concert with advanced data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence delivers solutions that optimize outcomes across the full lifecycle of the grassfed animal, from birth to retail point of sale.

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