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American Grassfed Association Announces the Appointment of Greg Gunthorp to the AGA Board.


 ” We are pleased to add Greg to our board of outstanding pasture based  Producers, Educators and Researchers,” said Will Harris, President of AGA. 

Greg  owns and operates, along with his wife and three kids, a pasture based livestock operation in North East Indiana.  Greg’s family has raised pigs on pasture for at least four generations.   They have one of the largest pastured poultry operations in the country.  Their operation includes an on-farm full USDA inspected slaughter and processing plant performing slaughter, processing, curing/smoking, rendering, and ready to eat.   They supply antibiotic free pork, chicken, duck and turkey to some of the best restaurants in Chicago, Indianapolis, and surrounding region.  Greg has been very active in the Sustainable Agriculture movement in the United States.  He has spoken on pasture pig production as well as how to operate a very small processing plant and ecological waste treatment at most of the major small farm and sustainable ag conferences across the country.  Their operation has hosted visitors from all over the world. He is a past board member of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association.  He served on Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman’s Small Farm Commission as well as serving on a small farm advisory panel to President Clinton and currently serves on the Pew/Meridian Meat and Poultry Inspection Dialogue. 


 “Greg, as a pork and poultry producer, will add great expertise and experience to both the certification committee and our assistance with the roll out of the pastured pork standards, “according to AGA President Harris. 


 “I am honored to have Greg join the board,” added Executive Director Carrie Balkcom. “His experience as a multi species farmer, along with his knowledge and education in pastured based pork and poultry production, as well as his degree in Ag economics from Perdue University will benefit the organization.”


Contact information for Greg for follow up interviews can be found on the American Grassfed website. www.americangrassfed.org


American Grassfed Association was formed in 2003 to represent American Family Grassfed and pasture based  producers of all species.
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