Hilltop Beef Satisifes Niche Market

Keeping the facts straight – a rancher weighs in on "Greening" of Grassfed

Now It’s Cowgate: UN Admits Flaw on Meat and Climate

Rebuttal to " Environmentally Friendly Foods Myths Debunked" By Andrew Gunther, Program Director, Animal Welfare Approved

One Size Doesn’t Fit All In Agriculture – Response to Senate Bill 510

The Battle of the DIshes – Grassfed versus Supermarket – from the Village Voice

Corn-fed vs Grass-Fed Chicago Tribune Monica Eng

Grassfed Meat- No Warning Label Needed – Editorial by Dr. Patricia Whisnant

Colorado School District Buys Colorado Grassfed for School Lunches

Local – A word worth saving – Editorial by Mike Callicrate

The promise and limits of local food Brian Donahue – Boston Globe

Argentine Cattle No Longer Just Home On The Range

CUD – A documentary about Grassfed –
 By Southern Foodways Alliance and Whole Foods Market filmed and Produced by Joe York, Old Miss

AGA Certified Producer in the News

Facts on Direct to Consumer Food Marketing

USDA – Agricultural Marketing Service, May 2009
On the Menu: Locals grow bullish on grass-finished beef

Global Environmental Health Perspectives Commentary on – Global Farm Animal Production and Global Warming, Impacting & Mitigating Climate Change

Chef Bill Telepan of Manhattans’ Award Winning Restaurant talks about cooking Grassfed

Forbes Magazine Lists Grassfed in " The Healthiest Foods on Earth" Article
Food and Water watch release report on Trend to buy Local

Food and Water Watch issues release on small slaughter houses June 2009

Facts on Direct-to-Consumer Food Marketing
USDA – Agricultural Marketing Service, May 2009 

The Amazing Benefits of Grassfed Meat

By: Richard Manning, Mother Earth News, April/May 2009
Biodiversity passes the taste test and it is healthier too
Economic & Social Research Council, January 14th, 2009
The Food Issue- Farmer in Chief

By: Michael Pollen, October 12th, 2008
Latest outrages from the meat industry

Link to blog from the Gristmill article

Marin Sun Farms Burgers showcased !!

What You Need to Know About The Beef You Eat – by Jo Robinson
Mother Earth News, January 23, 2008


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