AGA Grassfed Recipes

Buffalo Groves ~ CO. ~ AGA Member

Put non-stick spray on a skillet, cook up 3 lbs of Buffalo Groves ground buffalo meat.

Add ½ diced red pepper, ½ diced yellow pepper, ½ diced green pepper (save the other halves for a colorful garnish). 

Add ½ of a diced big red onion and garlic powder and black pepper to your taste, along with ½ cup ketchup and 3 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce and 3 eggs.

Then smush together all these items. 

Add in breadcrumbs (approximately 1½ cups) until the mixture will form a firm loaf, then put it in a rectangle baking pan.

Heat a can of Campbell’s golden mushroom soup and 1 can of water on the stove. Drizzle over the meatloaf covering about ¼ inch of the pan.

Cover the pan with foil and cook on 325 until medium well (about 2 – 2 ½ hours).

If you like you can brown your buffaloloaf for the last 10 to 15 minutes by removing the foil. 

You can use the balance of the soup mix to make gravy, and use the other halves of the peppers sliced around your buffaloloaf as a garnish. 

After your initial meal, it’s great for meatloaf sandwiches with sliced bell peppers.

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