march, 2017

02marallday03alldayNortheast Pasture Consortium 2017 Conference

Event Details

The Conference theme this year is  From Pasture to Table – Grass-Fed Livestock Production of Meat and Milk and Its Preparation – Their Effects on Fatty Acid Composition and Human Health. The conference will be covering the entire life cycle of pasture produced meat and milk from the time the livestock are on pasture and fed to produce a different set of fatty acids or lipids in the meat and milk compared to confinement fed livestock, to the time that the milk is processed or the meat is cooked in the kitchen, to the table where it is consumed and has an impact on the person’s health consuming the products.  There has been much more research done on how the different livestock diets can impact fatty acid composition in meat and milk.  There also has been research done on the fate of these fatty acids once the meat is cooked or the milk is processed for human consumption.  In the meantime, nutritionists have weighed in on how these different fatty acids can impact human health for the better or worse.  All 3 topics are being explored at this year’s conference in 3 separate sessions.
Registration is being handled this year by the Maryland Cattlemen’s Association as Northeast Pasture Consortium has partnered with them this year.  Preregistration is a must.  Deadline for registration is February 25.  Hotel reservations must be made by February 20.


march 2 (Thursday) - 3 (Friday) EST


Clarion Hotel and Conference Center

Hagerstown, MD

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