Health Reasons to Cut Back on Corn Consumption (pdf) By Adam Voiland
Posted December 17, 2007

University of North Carolina puts grassfed beef on the menu (by Sara Peach, Staff Writer for Daily Tar Heel)

Grassfed Beef Producer to Open Certified Humane Facility (by Sustainable Food News
January 21, 2008)

Homeopathic Information About Coccidia (Dr. Ann Wells) January 2008

Tapped For Ag Leadership Program (Tyler Dawley for Red Bluff Daily News January 12, 2008)

Grassfed Hitting Internet Blogs January 7, 2008

Feed Bag Blog interviews Will Harris – AGA beef director: Read it here! January 7, 2008

National Animal Identification System: What does it mean for producers and consumers of grass-fed products? (Judith McGeary) December 2006

Grass-Fed Rule Angers Farmers (New York Times) July 26, 2006

Response to USDA grassfed proposal (American Grassfed Forum) July 26, 2006

Ranchers of grass-fed beef talk up its virtues (Denver Post) July 26, 2006

Grass-fed beef worth the wait for many (McClatchy News Service) August 16, 2006

Better Beef (Mother Earth News) Oct/Nov 2005

Greener Pastures: How grassfed beef and milk contribute to healthy living (Union of Concerned Scientists Newsletter) August 2006

As the latest recall shows, food safety has taken a back seat to industry profits. By Christopher D. Cook February 25, 2008 Los Angeles Times FILE MISSING

Living on Earth- Harvesting Emissions (link)

Ask the White House to Honor It’s Promise to Agri-culture and Non Agri-Business and Close the Revolving Door

Press Releases Animal Welfare Approved Program to Provide All Audits for AGA members at No Cost to Farmers (December 5, 2008 Press Release)

AGA Position Statement on the Newly Released USDA Grass Fed Claim (October 16, 2007)

American Grassfed Association to host Grazing America: July 20-22, 2006 February 20, 2006

Grassfed Standards Unveiled at American Grassfed Association’s Second Annual Conference March 17, 2005

AGA to hold 2nd Annual Conference, March 4-6, 2005 Jan. 05, 2005

AGA hires Executive Director March 25, 2004

AGA 1st Conference a Big Success March 12, 2004

AGA Conference Info – March 5/6 Topeka, KS Feb. 24, 2004

AGA Official BSE Position Statement Jan. 20, 2004

Establishment of the American Grassfed Association September 1, 2003

Grassfed Facts: Meat, Dairy Products, Poultry & Eggs September 1, 2003

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