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    We’re hopeful.

    Because we have a solution to America’s biggest challenges.

    Our solution is putting animals back on pasture, letting them live healthy lives on holistically managed grasslands that capture rainwater, reduce topsoil runoff and resist drought. Grasslands that support rural economies by producing food that nourishes the body and spirit.

    American Grassfed Association has been at the forefront of these issues for almost 20 years, advocating for farmers and ranchers both in the marketplace and with good sound agricultural policy at all levels of government.

    We have big plans for 2020. Plans to grow this movement, to grow the acreage under holistic management, to grow the market for our members’ products, to grow the voice of America’s family farmers in state houses and Congress.

    To do that we need your help.

    Many of your are members. Some of you have donated in the past. But if you aren’t a member, if you haven’t given to AGA in the past, we’re asking for your help now.

    Help us spread the word about our mission of keeping open space open for wildlife habitats, to allow native species to flourish. Help us advocate for America’s small family farms and ranches. Help us drive consumer demand for the food those farms and ranches produce.

    Yes, we’re facing big problems, but they can be solved. Become part of the solution by joining or giving now.

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  • Regenerative Boots Are Made For Supporting Family Farms

    timberland regenerative boots



    You understand what grassfed means for your health, for animal welfare, and for environmental sustainability. That’s why you choose grassfed at grocers, from delivery services and direct from farmers and ranchers.

    But there’s not as much conversation around products made from grassfed byproducts like leather and tallow. Other Half Processing was founded to get those byproducts into the hands of manufacturers and their partnership with Timberland is a big win for the regenerative agriculture movement.

    Timberland’s regenerative footprint

    Currently, OHP is supplying grassfed cow hides to support Timberland’s special launch of thousands of pairs of “regenerative” boots. This news is exciting enough on its own, but the implications are huge. That’s because Timberland’s parent company, VF Corporation, also owns Dickies, Eastpak, Jansport, Eastpack, The North Face, Vans and 12 other consumer footwear and apparel brands.

    What it means for you

    Timberland’s “regenerative” boots are slated for release in summer 2020. As soon as we can share a picture of the boot, you’ll see it. As soon as we can order a pair, you’ll know where you can, too.

    AGA is incredibly excited about this development and is committed to supporting OHP’s vision of bringing the byproducts of America’s small farms to the mass market.


    READ MORE >> Consumer Reports Says American Grassfed Seal “Excellent”

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  • Consumer Reports Says American Grassfed Seal “Excellent”

    American Grassfed seal excellent

    Consumer Reports has been protecting and advocating for consumers for more than 80 years, in part by investigating the seals applied to food products and the claims made by producers. Why?

    Claims and seals on food packaging can communicate information about the issues you care about, such as which pesticides are used and how animals raised for food are treated. But claims and seals don’t always mean what consumers think they do. Consumer Reports rates seals and claims to help you understand the meaning behind them and so you know which ones to trust.

    We are proud that Consumer Reports has rated the American Grassfed seal “Excellent” and will continue to raise awareness of the honest work our members do to bring healthy, sustainably produced food to market.

    Looking for products that carry the seal? Search for a producer near you!

  • Help Small Dairies Compete – Tell USDA To Close Origin of Livestock Loopholes

    Volatile markets and thin margins put incredible pressure on small organic dairy farmers. But that bad situation can become hopeless when some producers use a loose interpretation of USDA’s Origin of Livestock provision to increase output by using conventionally raised heifers.

    USDA has reopened the comment period for Origin of Livestock and American Grassfed Association is throwing our support to America’s organic dairy farmers. Submit your comment here, and share this post with anyone you think might want to weigh in, too!

  • Independent Family Farmers Are Taking a Beating

    Independent family farmers are being attacked by industrial food operations like Impossible Foods, which—simply to prop up the mass-production of fake food—is taking aim at regenerative agriculturalists.

    Our country’s current administration is actively denying climate change by burying scientific research that could help to guide us in predicting and mitigating the destructive impacts of recurring extreme weather events and national disasters.

    Our livelihoods are dependent on an American food system that prioritizes corporate agriculture, where animals can be shipped to our borders alive, or even after being slaughtered and packaged, but then labeled as “Product of USA.”

    This is the world where we toil. As the market becomes saturated with more processed foods, as severe weather events continue to wipe out our crops and injure our livestock, and as consumers increasingly and unknowingly purchase foods with false labels, we, as independent family farmers and ranchers, feel the impact.

    The land beneath our feet and under our fingernails is ours. This land is generational—many of us stand where our fathers, mothers, grandmothers, and fathers once stood. For others of us, we are beginning to build a legacy—one which we hope to one day pass on to our children and grandchildren.

    But we cannot do this while billions of dollars are being pumped into the misleading marketing of food-like products that provide little health and nutritional value to the very Americans we are hoping to feed. We cannot thrive under a government that does not support us and—in many cases—actively works against us.

    As independent family farmers and ranchers, we take pride in keeping our world healthy and in ensuring the health of the animals that graze on our lands. The food we produce is not filled with toxins, raised with “patents,” nor born in labs. We believe in family farm-based organic and regenerative practices that improve soil health and draw down and sequester carbon. We advocate for soil restoration as a solution to climate change, and we understand that we must return more than we take. We work to restore lands that have been degraded. We can and will grow food that will sustain us and our planet.

    And yet we will continue to take a beating. If industrial food producers care for the earth, as they claim to do, they would care for and support the people and practices that are helping to restore it. Instead, they attack us, and—in the process—they attack truth and transparency in our food system. They attack the very freedoms that consumers should have to knowingly choose.

    As independent family farmers and ranchers, we believe in the power of regenerative agriculture to heal the soil, and we will continue to do this important work—despite the forces that are against us.

    For more information on American Grassfed Association, visit americangrassfed.org.

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